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Before and After Pictures from Essex County
Radon Mitigation System, Saugus, MA

Radon Mitigation System, Saugus, MA

Before After
Radon Mitigation System, Saugus, MA Radon Mitigation System, Saugus, MA

This homeowner in Saugus, Massachusetts was experiencing high radon levels in their basement and wanted to install a radon mitigation system in their home. The current levels in the home are 4-6 pCi/L. Design Specialist Chris Greenwood came to the home and looked in the basement to see the best place to install the Radon Mitigation System. Chris drew up a design for the radon system and gave them to Brendan.

Crew Lead Brendan Edwards and his team came to the home and installed the Radon Mitigation System into the basement. After the Radon Mitigation System was installed the levels were reduced to an acceptable level.

Radon Mitigation System, Lynn, MA

Radon Mitigation System, Lynn, MA

Before After
Radon Mitigation System, Lynn, MA Radon Mitigation System, Lynn, MA

This homeowner in Lynn, Massachusetts, was looking to install a radon fan in their basement. Design Specialist Jason Love came to the home and proposed a design for a radon fan be installed. Crew Lead Scott Crandall and his team came to them to install the new radon fan.

Radon Mitigation System, Lynn, MA

Radon Mitigation System, Lynn, MA

Before After
Radon Mitigation System, Lynn, MA Radon Mitigation System, Lynn, MA

This homeowner in Lynn, Massachusetts received two radon tests that were over 4pCi/l. Their radon levels peaked at 8.0 pCi/l. Design Specialist Brian Allen came to the home and proposed that the homeowners have a radon mitigation system installed in their home. Crew Lead Scott Crandall and his team installed a radon mitigation system.

Foundation Repair & Radon Mitigation Contractor in Essex County, MA

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Reviews From Essex County
Testimonials From Essex County
Great crew! Very professional! Clean work! On top of their game. They explained everything. Nice presentation of product and company.
Testimonial by Paul B. from Groveland, MA
Very fast work they put in 7 columns and the main beam really fast and cleaned up all the old post and beams left no mess if you need foundation work or...
Testimonial by Keith B. from Amesbury, MA

Responsible foundation repair, radon mitigation company serving Essex County, Massachusetts

We not only adhere to the highest industry standards, we strive to be the industry leader in the home improvement related services we provide. We also use state-of-the-art products and technology which are designed to fix your home. We are the authorized Foundation Supportworks dealer in Essex County, MA.

Services we offer in Essex County:

  • Radon Gas Testing.
  • Radon Mitigation.
  • Foundation and structural repair solutions.
  • 25-year warranty against manufacturing defects on foundation products.
  • Financing Available
  • FREE written estimates and inspections, and fast installation
Job Stories From Essex County, MA
Gloucester Canal Retaining Wall Repaired

The Blynam Canal Drawdridge had a retaining wall which was gradually having the soil underneath its footing washed away by the tides rising and falling. Upon excavating down to install a new foundation for a structure above, the DoT found huge voids underneath the wall, leaving the wall susceptible to sinking and allowing water to overflow. They needed a stronger base for their new structure, one that wouldn't be at risk of being washed away by the tide.


The DoT hired Erickson Foundation Supportworks to come in and fill the voids under the wall with PolyLEVEL. We first inserted pipes into cracks and crevices within the stones and wall, allowing us to spray in PolyLEVEL deep into the voids on the water side of the canal. On the retaining wall side, we sprayed in PolyLEVEL into the voids under the wall and between all the large stones on this side.


Although the water table could still rise up with the tide, it could no longer wash in and out with the waves or ebb of the water. Therefore, the water can no longer wash out the supporting soils, or PolyLEVEL, under the retaining wall. The wall is now fully supported and no longer at risk of sinking or failing.

Garage Sinking, Topsfield MA

Sandra C of Topsfield, MA inherited a home and was immediately faced with a major problem. She noticed her home had a large gap in the floor where her home and sunroom meet above her garage. She became very frightened that her home was going to "fall apart", so she gave Erickson Foundation Supportworks a call to check it out. She was very determined to have it fixed and decided to go ahead and have us check it out as soon as possible.

Shortly after giving us a call, an inspection date was set up. Upon inspection of the home, John Prince an Erickson Foundation Supportworks System Design Specialist immediately noticed that her garage and sunroom area was sinking down a hill. Her home lied on top of a hill where the soil was being washed down the hill, which resulted in her garage and sunroom area sinking with it. It was determined that push piers were needed to stabilize the home and put it back into place. John's designed a repair system that required 8 push piers to be installed in the garage portion of the home. His design also suggested 5 geo-lock systems that would assist with stabilizing the foundation wall. She jumped at the opportunity and wanted to be in the right away.

The well-designed system worked perfectly and we were able to raise the home 5 inches which resulted in the gap of her home becoming virtually unnoticeable. While we were at the job site, the owner wanted us to help support her deck on the back of her home, so we installed EZ Post helical piers.

Sandra C was extremely pleased by the results and told us she's finally able to not worry about her home falling apart.


Garage Sinking, Topsfield MA - Photo 1Garage Sinking, Topsfield MA - Photo 2
Leveling an Uneven Slab, Salisbury, MA

Richard F. reached out to Erickson Foundation Supportworks due to his concerns with a settling concrete slab on his property in Salisbury, Massachusetts. The slab in question was supporting 2 propane tanks and another larger fuel tank. Over time, soil beneath the slab was eroding, causing the slab to sink and become uneven. Since the slab was responsible for the stability of the fuel tanks, this was quite troubling for Richard. 

He was looking for a way to lift and level the slab, without having to disturb the tanks or fully replace the concrete slab.

Design Specialist Michael LaMalfa inspected the slab and determined PolyLevel would be the perfect fix for Richard. By injecting PolyLevel in the voids beneath the concrete slab, the surface could be leveled and the slab itself would not have to be fully replaced. 

Lead Poly installer, Chris Hanulec, completed the project in half a day, and was successfully able to level and stabilize the slab for Richard. This provided some much needed peace of mind for the homeowner, and he can rest easy knowing the slab and fuel tanks are stable.

Radon Mitigation System and Crack Seal, Andover, MA

A new homeowner in Andover, Massachusetts has owned their house for 3 months when they noticed a vertical crack that was leaking in the basement. The homeowner inferred that the crack was caused by a downspout right above the crack. The homeowner called Erickson Foundation Supportworks for a Design Specialist to give them a quote. The Design Specialist found that in addition to the crack in the basement that there was also a radon test that showed the pCi/l was at 4.2. The recommended amount is under 4.0 pCi/l.

The Design Specialist, Brain Allen, was able to design a Radon system for this home. After the designing process, all the information is passed to a Crew Lead. The Crew Lead and his team went to the home and installed the Radon Mitigation System and sealed the crack in the foundation. The crack was sealed and the radon system was successfully installed. 

Pictured are the repaired crack in the foundation and the Radon Mitigation System.

Radon Mitigation System and Crack Seal, Andover, MA - Photo 1Radon Mitigation System and Crack Seal, Andover, MA - Photo 2
EZ Post Helical Pier Patio Room Installation, Haverhill, MA

This homeowner in Haverhill, Massachusets wanted to install a 3-season patio room onto a second floor. They called BetterLiving Sunrooms of NH for them to come out to the home and talk about what they wanted to be built. BetterLiving came out to the home and measured everything they needed. When BetterLiving came back to start the project they decided to use helical piers instead of concrete piers to support the vertical beams. Helical piers are a great alternative to concrete piers. A great benefit of helical piers is that they take half the time to install compared to concrete piers. In this case, under the patio room was a gravel patio and the helical piers were the least invasive but most effective option. If the crew had used the concrete piers they would have had to dig up some of the homeowner's patio. After all the piers are set they can start building the sunroom. The room above was a 10' x 12' 3-season patio room. 

The homeowners were very happy with how their 3-season patio room turned out. They were especially happy that no damage was done to the patio underneath the patio room.

EZ Post Helical Pier Patio Room Installation, Haverhill, MA - Photo 1
Pool Deck is Sinking, Haverhill, MA

Bill F. of Haverhill, Massachusetts was experiencing his pool deck sinking around his pool cause dips and rises. The dips and rises have gotten so bad that they have created a tripping hazard around the pool. 

Design Specialist Michael Biedrzycki came to the house and inspected the area around the pool. He concluded that Bill's pool area would benefit from using PolyLevel. 

Crew Lead Nick Melo and his crew came to the home and injected PolyLevel underneath the concrete to raise and level the pool deck.

Pool Deck is Sinking, Haverhill, MA - Photo 1
PolyLevel and Resurfacing Pool Deck, North Andover, MA

Linda K. of North Andover, Massachusetts thought she needed to replace her entire pool deck because of cracks. But after talking with Design Specialist Brian Allen she realized that she didn't have to. Brian Allen came to the home and inspected the whole pool deck and recommended a solution that would save Linda thousands of dollars. 

The solution that Brian recommended to Linda was to lift and level the concrete with PolyLevel then resurface the entire deck to give a fresh new look. Crew Leads Jon Provost, Nick Melo and their team came to the home to lift, level, and resurface the concrete. The whole process took less than a day to complete from start to finish. 

Crack Seal, Beverly, MA

Dave O. in Beverly, Massachusetts needed some attention out by their pool. Design Specialist Brian Allen came to the home and inspected the pool area, he proposed that they use CrackSeal and PolyLevel. Crew Lead Jon Provost and his team came to the home and lifted and leveled the pool deck. 

Crack Seal, Beverly, MA - Photo 1
Sinking Pool Deck, Andover, MA

This homeowner in Andover, Massachusetts was experiencing sinking around their pool.

Design Specialist John Prince came to the home and recommended that the homeowners have PolyLevel injected underneath the sunken pool deck slabs to lift and level them. The homeowner agreed with what John recommended and decided to proceed to the next steps.

The next step was to have Crew Lead Nick Melo and his team come out to the home and inject the PolyLevel under the slabs to lift them. After the crew was done the homeowners were very impressed with how non-invasive this project was. 

Pool Deck Resurface, Peabody, MA

This homeowner in Peabody, Massachusetts was looking to replace their pool deck but didn't want to commit to the time that it would take to rip it all up. Design Specialist Jason Love came to the home and proposed Resurface Pro. Resurfacing the existing concrete will take a fraction of the time and money than ripping up the existing pool deck. Crew Lead Jon Provost and his crew came to the home and resurfaced the whole pool deck. 

Work Requests From Essex County, MA
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