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Before and After Pictures from Hillsborough County
Sidewalk Repair

Sidewalk Repair

Before After
Sidewalk Repair Sidewalk Repair

The soil under this sidewalk settled on one side, causing it to sink and eventually crack. There was a 1" height difference between the two sides.  Our PolyLEVEL system leveled the sidewalk and created a safe walkway once again. 

Pool Patio Repair, Brookline, NH

Pool Patio Repair, Brookline, NH

Before After
Pool Patio Repair, Brookline, NH Pool Patio Repair, Brookline, NH

This pool patio was full of cracks due to sinking and settling around its perimeter. We used PolyLEVEL injections to raise and stabilize the patio. It was a much needed repair and the final product looks great.

Radon Mitigation System, Nashua, NH

Radon Mitigation System, Nashua, NH

Before After
Radon Mitigation System, Nashua, NH Radon Mitigation System, Nashua, NH

This homeowner in Nashua, New Hampshire had their house tested for radon. The test came back with high radon levels around 20 pCi/l. Design Specialist Paul Magowan came to the home and recommended the homeowner to have a radon mitigation system installed to reduce the amount of radon in the air. Crew Lead Scott Crandall and his team came to the home to install the radon mitigation system. The team was able to install the system in only a couple of hours. 

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Testimonials From Hillsborough County
First impression from the phone call was great. The service men were skillful and courteous.
Testimonial by Dirce S. from Milford, NH
Had Erickson's out to install a radon mitigation system and a sump pump. Everyone from beginning to end was extremely professional and nice. Would highly...
Testimonial by Wendy R. from Hollis, NH
Professional website and estimate process with the book you mail.
Testimonial by John S. from Hollis, NH

Responsible foundation repair, radon mitigation company serving Hillsborough County, New Hampshire

We not only adhere to the highest industry standards, we strive to be the industry leader in the home improvement related services we provide. We also use state-of-the-art products and technology which are designed to fix your home. We are the authorized Foundation Supportworks dealer in Hillsborough County, NH.

Services we offer in Hillsborough County:

  • Radon Gas Testing.
  • Radon Mitigation.
  • Foundation and structural repair solutions.
  • 25-year warranty against manufacturing defects on foundation products.
  • Financing Available
  • FREE written estimates and inspections, and fast installation
Job Stories From Hillsborough County, NH
Settling Home in Hudson, NH

The foundation of this 1970's home was installed without a proper footing. Gradually sinking over the years, causing windows and doors to stick along the way, eventually settled 7 inches. With the potential to continue sinking, the homeowner needed to address the issue.

Push piers were used to lift and stabilize the structure. The piers were successfully able to lift the home 3 inches (anymore would have affected plumbing or caused severe cracking). With the push piers being so deep into the earth, it is unlikely the home will ever settle again.

Additionally, spray foam, similar to our PolyLevel product, was applied to the foundation wall and soils surrounding it, it order to provide some frost protection. Frost causes heaving and other harmful effects to the foundation, so this was also a crucial step to address.

Lastly, this home also received an air radon mitigation system. It will be much easier to sell the home now that it is much better protected.

Settling Home in Hudson, NH - Photo 1Settling Home in Hudson, NH - Photo 2Settling Home in Hudson, NH - Photo 3Settling Home in Hudson, NH - Photo 4
Garage Foundation Repair

Inheriting a family home comes with it's challenges, especially when the home is in desperate need of repairs. For Sharon H., the home she inherited in Hudson, NH from her father was in need of structural repairs to the foundation and slab of the attached garage. Over time the slab was settling, and the soil beneath the slab was pushing downwards against the foundation walls beneath it, forcing them to lean out. There was also a large crack along a seam where an old foundation used to adjoin the garage, and at the seam soil was gradually pouring out. With leaning walls and a sinking slab, the garage was at risk of completely collapsing. Sharon saw a commercial for Erickson Foundation Supportworks on WMUR TV and called to schedule an inspection and learn more about possible solutions for repairing her foundation problem.

After a thorough inspection, Erickson Foundation Supportworks proposed GeoLock wall anchors to straighten and stabilize the leaning walls. Additionally, the slab in the garage was thin and brittle, and since part of the GeoLock installation process would involve some excavation within the garage, Sharon decided it was also best to replace the entire 12' x 12' slab. 

GeoLocks are an innovative wall anchor system, permanently stabilizing foundation walls by anchoring the walls to the hard-packed soil beyond the foundation wall. After installation, wall anchors can often be tightened over time to further straighten the foundation walls and pull them back to their original position. 

GeoLock Wall Anchors  

Erickson Foundation Supportworks installed 3 GeoLock anchors on the right side of the foundation wall beneath the garage to permanently stabilize the wall against leaning out further. The wall was also straightened a significant amount, as the soil on the other side was excavated to allow some movement. There were also 3 GeoLock anchors installed on the rear wall beneath the slab, which was also stabilized and straightened. 

In situations where there is compact or virgin soil on the other side of a leaning foundation wall, GeoLock anchors are the ideal solution for stabilizing, and in some cases straightening the wall. Sharon was thrilled to see the improvements and relieved to know her garage is no longer at risk of losing it's foundation stability.

Garage Foundation Repair - Photo 1Garage Foundation Repair - Photo 2
Settling Condominium - Push Pier Repair

The Shepherds Hill condominium complex was built in the early 2000's in Hudson, NH. The complex is comprised of attached condo units, which rest upon a hill top overlooking Benson Park. One of the buildings began showing signs of settling about 12 years ago, and over the years gradually got worse. The homeowners of the two separate condos in this building, Mike B. and David M., knew they needed to take action to repair the foundation, and began their search for possible, cost effective solutions to stabilizing their shared foundation. Windows and doors in both units were sticking, there were large cracks in the slab on the lower levels, and cracks were also found in the drywall throughout both units, all signs of foundation settlement.  For the homeowners, it was crucial they made the necessary repairs (permanently), as one was moving away and looking to rent the home, and the other was looking to sell within a few years time.

Erickson Foundation Supportworks had previously done foundation repair work for the property management group tied to Shepherd's Hill, and so were one of the companies to submit proposals for addressing the settlement issue. Being hired for the job, the production crew was led by Stavros Charalambous, who began the task of installing 31 Push Piers around the entire perimeter of the building, as each side of the structure was sinking. In the front of the structure, settlement was about 1 inch, while in the rear, the structure had settled 2 3/4 inches. 

To install a push pier system, soil is first removed to expose the foundation footing where the pier will be driven. A heavy-duty steel bracket is then installed below the footing. Next, rugged, interlocking steel pier sections are hydraulically driven through the bracket until bedrock or stable soil is reached. The weight of the home is then transferred through the piers to this load-bearing soil. Once this has been completed, it's possible to attempt to lift the foundation, elevating the settled foundation back to its original position. Once the homeowner and installing contractor are satisfied with the stabilization or amount of lift, the soil can be backfilled. The structure is then permanently stabilized in its new position.

On the day of the lift, both homeowners were home and tested windows and doors throughout the process. Both were amazed and thrilled to see windows and doors, which had been sticking or jammed for years, to be operating and functioning correctly once again. The lift was successful, and with the foundation permanently stabilized, the interior drywall damage could then also be repaired. For David M., looking to rent his condo, he felt relieved knowing that there were no longer any structural issues for him to deal with while he prepared to move. For homeowner Mike B., he was glad to know that having a stabilized foundation, with a transferable warranty for the Push Pier system, was going to make selling his condo home that much easier.

Settling Condominium - Push Pier Repair - Photo 1Settling Condominium - Push Pier Repair - Photo 2Settling Condominium - Push Pier Repair - Photo 3Settling Condominium - Push Pier Repair - Photo 4Settling Condominium - Push Pier Repair - Photo 5Settling Condominium - Push Pier Repair - Photo 6Settling Condominium - Push Pier Repair - Photo 7
Home Buyer Needs Crawlspace Fix, Merrimack, NH

Tim H. of Merrimack, NH was looking into purchasing a home, and after taking a look in the crawlspace himself, decided he wished to have a professional take a look to determine any major concerns. He contacted Erickson Foundation Supportworks, and confirmed he was satisfied with the pre-purchase fee involved for home buyers. This was a home he was very interested in buying, and so the investment in the inspection was worth it. In the end, he did purchase the home, and so the pre-purchase fee was credited back to him.

Upon inspection, Erickson's System Design Specialist, Brian Allen, saw it was immediately evident there was settlement action throughout the crawlspace. The home was built in 1986, and over the years the space must have fluctuated between being high in moisture and very dry. The floor had settled any where from 2 feet to just a few inches, and so was very uneven and unstable. The lally columns supporting the main beams and floor joists were no longer stable, some having settled several inches along with the soils.  Temporary wood shims had been added to the beams over the years, and a more permanent fix was desperately needed. 

The repair system Brian designed required 11 Smart Jacks to support the beams, as well as PolyLevel to raise the garage slab, and several Push Piers to stabilize and potentionally lift a corner of the homes concrete foundation. As Tim was purchasing the home, he had to decide to focus on the major repairs for the time being, and then address other concerns down the road. The SmartJacks were needed to correct the sloping floors and uneven doors above, and so these were installed immediately. 

The only access point to the crawlspace was a 2' x 2' hole in the floor of a closet on the first floor. Therefore, the crews were required to carry all tools, SmartJacks, and stone material through the house. Each item had to be carefully lowered down into the space, and then carried again to the needed locations. It was an incredible team effort, and although tiring, was a very rewarding project for the crew, as they knew the new home owner was going to have a stable home.

After installation of the SmartJacks, the floors were in good shape, and Tim H. had peace of mind that the property he just purchased was safe and stable. 


Home Buyer Needs Crawlspace Fix, Merrimack, NH - Photo 1Home Buyer Needs Crawlspace Fix, Merrimack, NH - Photo 2Home Buyer Needs Crawlspace Fix, Merrimack, NH - Photo 3Home Buyer Needs Crawlspace Fix, Merrimack, NH - Photo 4Home Buyer Needs Crawlspace Fix, Merrimack, NH - Photo 5Home Buyer Needs Crawlspace Fix, Merrimack, NH - Photo 6
Radon Mitigation & Sump Pump, Hollis, NH

Wendy R. of Hollis, NH had concerns with high radon levels in the home she had recently purchased. After testing, levels were at 5.6 pCi/l in the basement. She chose Erickson Foundation Supportworks as her contractor to install a radon mitigation system in order to lower these levels. 

When crew foreman, Nick Carelli, began installation of the system in the basement, he had to drill a 5" hole through the concrete slab. Upon breaking through the slab, he found the water table was very high under the home. He suggested to the new homeowners that if they wanted to fully protect their investment, they should consider installing a water sump pump system. Rather than wait for the water to rise and have a concern with cleanup and possible damage, Wendy decided to be proactive and have the sump pump system in place in order to protect her home.

The entire installation for both systems was quick, clean and precise, and Wendy now has peace of mind with her new home. Her radon problem was solved, and the home is also now protected against any future rising water tables.

Radon Mitigation & Sump Pump, Hollis, NH - Photo 1
Radon Mitigation in New Home, Manchester, NH

This new construction home was built in 2018, and so the buyers were the first and only owners of this Manchester, New Hampshire residence. Over the years the homeowner was educating himself on the dangers of radon, and after testing several time, discovered the levels of radon pci/l in the home were between 40 and 50. This is quite a high number, and so they reached out to local New Hampshire radon mitigation contractors to assist with designing and installing an effective system.

Our specialist, David Cormier, designed the radon mitigation system for this home. In asking why the homeowner decided to mitigate, the homeowner knew radon could be a health risk for their whole family, and so wanted peace of mind by removing the risk. 

The lead installer for this project was Scott Crandall. Scott did an amazing job keeping the homeowners basement clean while installing the necessry pipe and manometer. The fan and vent pipe on the exterior is also clean looking and tidy. 


Radon Mitigation in New Home, Manchester, NH - Photo 1Radon Mitigation in New Home, Manchester, NH - Photo 2
Lally Column Install, Manchester, NH

A homeowner in Manchester, New Hamshire has been living in their home for 5 years. The home was built-in 1921 and already has lally columns installed in the basement for support. The homeowner has noticed for approximately 4 years that the floor has become more and more unstable over the years.

They decided to call Erickson Foundation Supportworks to get a quote to fix their home. Design Specialist David Cormier came to the home to inspect the basement. After inspecting the basement, he recommended to the homeowners to replace their lally columns to add support to the floor above.  

Next, Crew Lead Josh Provost and his team installed the lally columns and reinforced them with steel beams. The homeowner was relieved to know their floor is secured now.

Lally Column Install, Manchester, NH - Photo 1
Smart Jacks Installation, Greenville, New Hampshire

This homeowner in Greenville, New Hampshire, has been living in their home for 3 years. The house is over 100 years old and it has started to sag quite a bit. There crawl space requires repair. Design Specialist Brian Allen came to the home and looked at the crawl space and proposed that the homeowners think about having our team install Smart Jacks into the crawl space. Crew Lead Scott Crandall and his team successfully installed the Smart Jacks and they added much-needed support to the sagging support beams in this 100-year-old home.

Smart Jacks Installation, Greenville, New Hampshire - Photo 1
Garage Slab Repair, Pelham, NH

Homeowner, Jeff F., in Pelham, NH had some concerns with cracks in his garage slab and some uneven areas. The cracks were unsightly, and the uneven surface was aloowing water to puddle in unwated areas. Design Specialist Michael Bradley proposed the best method to seal the cracks, as well as using PolyLevel to lift and level the uneven areas.

Crew lead Nick Melo and his crew came to the home and sealed all the cracks. Jeff was thoroughly impressed with the outcome and how the crew left the work area clean when they were finished.  He is looking forward to no longer having to deal with unwanted water pooling in his garage.

Garage Slab Repair, Pelham, NH - Photo 1
Crack in Garage Foundation, Merrimack, NH

This homeowner in Merrimack, New Hampshire has noticed that past couple of years that a crack in their garage has gotten progressively worse. They want to stay ahead of any issues that arise. Design Specialist Paul Magowan came to the home and proposed a solution to the crack in the garage. Crew Lead Scott Crandall and his team came to the home and sealed the crack.

Crack in Garage Foundation, Merrimack, NH - Photo 1
Bowing Cinder Block Foundation, Pelham, New Hampshire

Keri C. of Pelham, New Hampshire had been experiencing bowing in her cinderblock foundation for the past 5+ years. She decided to call Erickson Foundation Solutions to see if we could fix her foundation needs. 

Design Specialist David Cormier came to Keri's home and inspected the foundation and recommended that she have Erickson install GeoLocks to stop her foundation from bowing. 


Spencer Ladd and his team came to the home and started digging a trench 10 feet away from the home to install the anchor for the Geolocks. Then the crew drilled a small hole into the foundation and sent a galvanized rod through the wall and the soil to the trench. They then capped the ends of the rod with big galvanized plates to ensure the foundation wall will not move. 

Waterproofing Basement, Amherst, NH

Jennifer H. of Amherst, New Hampshire, was experiencing water leaking into her basement every time it rained. The water would collect in the same area consistently.

Design Specialist John Merna inspected the basement to narrow down where the water was coming through. He concluded that the water was entering from the bulkhead door. He proposed that they seal the area where the floor meets the wall near the bulkhead. Also, he proposed installing a vapor guard called CleanSpace to the wall near the bulkhead. 

Crew Lead Scott Crandall and his team came to the home and sealed the area around the bulkhead and installed Cleanspace in the same area to prevent any water from entering the basement again. 


Waterproofing Basement, Amherst, NH - Photo 1
Driveway Lift and Level, Nashua, NH

In Nashua, New Hampshire, this homeowner is a part of a multi-family home and the driveway is sinking in spots and they want it repaired. Design Specialist Paul Magowan came to the home and proposed a way to repair the driveway. The method was for them to inject PolyLevel under the slab to bring the concrete up to the other slabs around it. Crew Lead Nick Melo and his team came to the home and used PolyLevel to lift and level the concrete driveway.

Radon Mitigation System, Manchester, NH

This homeowner in Manchester, New Hampshire tested for radon about 10 years ago but they knew the radon levels were around 9. Now the homeowner is looking to have a radon mitigation system installed into their home. Design Specialist Royce Potts came to the home and designed a Radon Mitigation System for their home.

Crew Lead Brendan Edwards and his crew came to the home and installed the Radon System in under a day. The homeowner was happy with the results of the project. 

Radon Mitigation System, Manchester, NH - Photo 1
Work Requests From Hillsborough County, NH
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Spider cracks on walls, rear wall moved in and one wall bowed and cracked
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