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Erickson Foundation Supportworks is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Manchester. Learn more about Erickson Foundation Supportworks's recent work requests in Manchester and nearby areas!

Learn more about Erickson Foundation Supportworks' recent work requests in Manchester, NH
Vicinity of Mast Road in Manchester
Elevated levels of Radon tested in basement. Looking at remediation options.
Vicinity of Bartlett St in Manchester
482 Bartlett Manchester NH 03102 3 family structure right front corner is sinking (can see from the inside)
Vicinity of Ashland St in Manchester
I have a cement (?) block retaining wall that is cracking. I would like to obtain a repair estimate. Thank you.
Vicinity of Pickering in Manchester
Purchase of new home
Vicinity of Moreau St in Manchester
I've done research online on my slab issue and I'm convinced I'll need professional guidance and help. The problem is in my slab in grade garage. There is a wide crack across the slab. It ranges from 1/2" to 1" wide. It appears to begin at the 9" high concrete wall where the framed wall sits and travels down onto the slab across it to an expansion joint then continues past the joint. To me I think it's a settlement issue. I just purchased this home a month ago, I don't know the history. During heavy rainfall, water does intrude into the cracks and slighty floods the low areas on the slab. Would be best to have a specialist look at the situation.
Vicinity of Seames Dr in Manchester
Would like to know what the radon level is in my unfinished basement.
Vicinity of Wilmot St in Manchester
I just bought a house last October and the retaining wall is crumbling. It is made out of normal cinder blocks so it might need to be replaced anyway. There's a lot of vegetation growing in that area - I'll need to know if that needs to be cleared or if it is part of your services
Vicinity of Bartlett Street in Manchester
Rotted wood beams in basement. 20' in length. Looking for cost effective repair/replacement
Vicinity of Avon St in Manchester
Think my garage floor is settling, several cracks on the foundation and floor.
Vicinity of George St in Manchester
The foundation has split and is leaning out. Duplex is now not being supported safely
Vicinity of Bruce Rd. in Manchester
I have an attached single stall garage that has some serious cracks in the foundation. I don''t believe the foundation is connected to the house. The floor is settled and cracks and separated from the foundation wall. It seems one corner is settled significantly more than the rest. Im trying to get an understanding of what my options are to get it correctly fixed. Found your website and decided to reach out. Thank you, Griffin
Vicinity of Kearney Circle in Manchester
I have a granite slab walkway in the front of my house...two of the slabs are off level in different directions creating a trip hazard. I saw the Poly Level system online & am wondering if it could be used in my situation? Given the elevation of the front yard, it would be difficult to get machinery in there to lift the slabs & re-seat the "old fashioned way". Thank you
Vicinity of Steinmetz Drive in Manchester
We just bought a home and got the results from our home inspection, they came in at 1.6. I know this is low but I'd like to take care of this upon our move in. I'm pregnant with our second baby and we would like to get this done in July if possible. We close on July 16th. Please send any estimate you can and I look forward to hearing from you.
Vicinity of South Porter St in Manchester
We are selling our house and need to see what's going on with our garage. It has settled and pulled away from the house. There are visible cracks in the foundation from where the addition was built.
Vicinity of Candia Road in Manchester
Water in the house (Basement, Garage Floor & any Foundation discrepancies that could lead to future problems)...
Vicinity of Comeau Street in Manchester
I have only owned this property for a couple of years. I have a stonewall that either failed and the owners back then tried to fix it by putting what ever they had in it or it was never done right. Anyway I removed a rotten piece of wood from it and some of the rocks got loose. So I am looking for suggestions of what to do with it, and pricing if this is something you do. I would also like to make this wall a little higher. This wall is just before a very steep and deep slope. I have a couple of pictures that I can email you that might show better of what I am talking about. If this is something you can look at, I work in Salem until 5pm so during the week I could be available around 6pm except Fridays or pretty much open on Saturdays.
Vicinity of Brennan in Manchester
I currently have an 18x36 in ground pool with a cement deck. The decking is cracked in a few places. If I can repair it great. I am checking out my options. I also need a walkway that would run from the driveway to the pool. I'm not sure if you can do that type of work. Please contact me to come and see the area. Thanks Dennis
Vicinity of Hoyt St in Manchester
Vicinity of Arnold Street in Manchester
I have a basement area that I want to finish (rough guess 16ftx20x). It's cracked and not leveled (biggest dip I found was around 1/2in). I was hoping to see who could help with a job like this at a fair price. Thank you.
Vicinity of Readey St in Manchester
Sloping floors
Vicinity of Union Street in Manchester
I have stone and mortar basement walls. One wall has settled and due to the settling, cracked and slanted the basement floor. There is no water coming through the wall but the supply line and waste pipe go through the floor under the wall. I am looking to get a quote to see if the wall can be raised up and the setting stopped if possible.
Vicinity of Brown Ave in Manchester
Basement foundation work. Found water on finished basement floor, removed floor, drywall and framing and found a crack in the foundation. Hoping to have an estimate!
Vicinity of Morrison St. in Manchester
Mortar has turned to dust on one wall of foundation.
Vicinity of Beacon Street in Manchester
Porch uneven, sidewalk not level, garage has area of unlevelness
Vicinity of Ash Street in Manchester
Assess foundation for repairs etc. structural and entry points for rodents.
Vicinity of Prospect in Manchester
My retention wall was hit by an uninsured and unlicensed driver in June 2017 and it needs to be repaired before winter.
Vicinity of Rhode Island Ave in Manchester
We would like to fix the cracks in our foundation and water proof our basement. I would like to schedule a time to meet and get a quote. Email is the best way to reach me but if you need to call after 4:30 is the best time.
Vicinity of Eve St in Manchester
Sagging floors, cracked walls, cracks in foundation
Vicinity of in Manchester
Repair of cracked/settled concrete patio (old clothes line).
Vicinity of Highland Lane in Manchester
Water in basement
Vicinity of McGregor Street in Manchester
Vicinity of Skyline Drive in Manchester
I have a 16x32 in ground pool. The concrete patio around it have area of settling. I'm waying options whether to redo it or try the jacking of slabs.
Vicinity of Caye Ln in Manchester
Hello! We bought our first house last March. We noticed the back fill of the retaining wall sink significantly, about 5 inches over the Summer. The previous owner passed away so anything we know is from the neighbors. We found out for at least a few years the previous owner just filled it in every Spring. There are some spaces in the wall where some of the fill is escaping and we can see spots the previous owner tried to fill in with what looks like calking. The wall holds up our driveway and has a small slope on part of it that is not near the driveway. When most of this snow melts, I would love to have someone come out for that free estimate! Thank you, Crystal
Vicinity of Spruce St in Manchester
Sloping floors and and wooden beam in basement that needs to be replaced.
Vicinity of AINSWORTH AVE in Manchester
Bulging brick Foundation of 130 year old 3 family home
Vicinity of Elm Street in Manchester
Would like an estimate to repair garage foundation and floor
Vicinity of Ashland St in Manchester
I have a building built in 1890's with floors sagging towards center of house. I was looking to get a quote on jacking up the beams and leveling the floors/house
Vicinity of Charlotte St in Manchester
Large crack in house foundation (about 4 inch gap throughout entire split level house lower level). Will need house jacked up and possibly need piers put in.
Vicinity of Cilley Rd in Manchester
Foundation wall bowing inward with possible water damage.
Vicinity of Maryland Ave in Manchester
The floor in my garage is sinking in two spots about 2 inchs down causing the concrete to crack .
Vicinity of Groveland in Manchester
There's some cracks noticed on foundation
Vicinity of Front St. in Manchester
Retaining wall on the Merrimack River ... needs serious work.
Vicinity of Skyview Rd in Manchester
A crack from top to bottom needs to be repaired and would like estimate on new stamped concrete driveway.

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