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Before and After Pictures from Rockingham County
Crack Seal Repair Londonderry, NH

Crack Seal Repair Londonderry, NH

Before After
Crack Seal Repair Londonderry, NH Crack Seal Repair Londonderry, NH

A homeowner in Londonderry, NH had a crack in their foundation that needed to be sealed because of a leak. Paul Magowan looked at the affected area that was leaking and came up with a plan of repairing the leak. Scott Crandall repaired the leaking area by injecting polyurethane into the crack to seal the inside and then an epoxy coating is placed over the affected area for a permanent fix. The first picture shows the area with the crack and leak. The second picture shows Scott's work of using polyurethane and epoxy to permanently seal the leak. 

Deck Supports, Sandown, NH

Deck Supports, Sandown, NH

Before After
Deck Supports, Sandown, NH Deck Supports, Sandown, NH

The original deck supports on this home in Sandown were sinking and shifting. The original concrete sono tubes they were installed on were unstable due to shifting soils. These failing supports were replaced with EZ Post helical piers. Installed at depths of 8', these new supports will not shift or sink.

Crack in Foundation Wall, Danville, MA

Crack in Foundation Wall, Danville, MA

Before After
Crack in Foundation Wall, Danville, MA Crack in Foundation Wall, Danville, MA

This homeowner in Danville, Massachusetts needed some assistance with sealing a crack in their foundation wall. Design Specialist Brian Allen came to the home to inspect the crack in the foundation wall. He proposed that they seal the crack so that water can no longer enter through the crack in the foundation. Crew Lead Scott Crandall and his team came to the home and were able to seal the crack in the foundation quickly and effectively. 

Foundation Repair & Radon Mitigation Company Serving Rockingham County, NH

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Reviews From Rockingham County
Testimonials From Rockingham County
Our first time using Erickson Support Works. The entire experience was stellar. Paul from the site analysis team was extremely competent and customer focused...
Testimonial by Bruce K. from Windham, NH
Overall was very satisfied with the company! Great work! Thank you!
Testimonial by Constantina & Richard K. from Newton, NH
Radon levels were 4.5 before installation of the system. Tested after, levels were at 1.4. Good job, thank you.
Testimonial by Roy R. from Raymond, NH

Responsible foundation repair, radon mitigation company serving Rockingham County, New Hampshire

We not only adhere to the highest industry standards, we strive to be the industry leader in the home improvement related services we provide. We also use state-of-the-art products and technology which are designed to fix your home. We are the authorized Foundation Supportworks dealer in Rockingham County, NH.

Services we offer in Rockingham County:

  • Radon Gas Testing.
  • Radon Mitigation.
  • Foundation and structural repair solutions.
  • 25-year warranty against manufacturing defects on foundation products.
  • Financing Available
  • FREE written estimates and inspections, and fast installation
Job Stories From Rockingham County, NH
Settling Foundation

This homeowner in Derry, NH contacted us as she noticed a large crack in her garage wall near a corner. Upon inspection, our design specialist observed there were few signs of settling within the house aside from windows being slightly stuck. However, on the outside of the garage there were significant signs of sinking which would then lead to extensive damage within the home. 

The solution; push piers to raise the sinking corner 3-4 inches and prevent the foundation from sinking any further. 

We excavated the outside of the garage down to the footing of the foundation. We found the general contractor who built the home placed the footings and foundation directly on stumps and trees, which of course is a big mistake. As the trees decomposed, the ground began to sink and took the foundation with it. 

Our push piers were securely fastened to the bottom of the footings on the foundation and driven down 10-12 feet, beneath the sinking soil and into the bedrock below. This will prevent the home from sinking any further. We also slightly lifted the footing up to the bottom of the foundation to reconnect them, however chose to not lift the house too much as there was little damage within the house. Lifting the house too much could possibly have cracked the drywall.

Problem solved and customer satisfied. 

EZ Posts Under Existing Structures

This customer was having a sunroom installed on top of their existing deck. The deck was not built for supporting a structure above, and so additional supports were needed below. There was only about 3.5 feet of space beneath the deck, and so getting underneath to dig and pour new concrete piers would not be an easy task.

EZ Posts were an ideal solution, as the existing deck floor was going to be completely covered by the sunroom. This allowed our Erickson Foundation Supportworks crew to cut small holes into the surface of the deck. Through these holes we were able to install EZ posts with our Bobcat using pier extensions.

A project which would have taken 2-3 crew members one or more days to complete was finished within 4 hours. The EZ Posts were installed at depths ranging from 7 to 9 feet. We removed some concrete pillars in order to install two of our EZ Posts, these concrete pillars being only two feet deep. It was a good decision to replace them!


EZ Posts Under Existing Structures - Photo 1
Resurfacing Concrete Pool Patio

Homeowner Stephen W. of Salem, New Hamphire had a beautiful pool setup in his backyard. Over the years, wear and tear ran it's course, and the patio around the pool was sunken, cracked, uneven, and discolored all over. More and more, Stephen was spending time out by his pool with his family, and was tired of all the trip hazards and unsightly cracks throughout the patio. He decided it was time to look into fixing the problem, and so reached out to Erickson Foundation Supportworks for a solution. Ultimately, Stephen wished to improve the quality of his family's life.

Design specialist Nate Erickson proposed a three step process to lift and level the uneven sections of concrete, resurface the top, and protect it all with SealantPro.  

The first step involved injecting PolyLevel beneath the slab to fill the voids and level out as much of the patio as possible. Once the concrete was stable and even, the crew then sealed all the cracks, large and small. Day 2 of the project entailed resurfacing the entire pool patio area, covering up all the discolorations and imperfections. Once the new surface had time to cure, the final step was to apply SealantPro to complete the total concrete protection system. 

Replacing the existing patio would have been a lengthy, expensive undertaking. Removing the concrete and coordinating a crew and truck to pour a new slab would have taken a lot of time and effort. This was not an option for Stephen.

In the end, Stephen received his desired outcome. A new patio. The surface is now even, crack free, and pleasant to look at. 

Resurfacing Concrete Pool Patio - Photo 1Resurfacing Concrete Pool Patio - Photo 2Resurfacing Concrete Pool Patio - Photo 3Resurfacing Concrete Pool Patio - Photo 4Resurfacing Concrete Pool Patio - Photo 5
Radon Mitigation, Plaistow, New Hampshire

Barbara F. of Plaistow, NH reached out to Erickson Foundation Supportworks when she heard that some of her neighbors were having radon mitigation systems installed. She tested her home for radon, and found levels were higher than the recommended 4.0 pci/l. Wishing to keep her family safe and improve the air quality in her home, Barbara also decided to install a radon mitigation system. 

The contractor who built the home had actually installed a vent pipe during original construction. Unfortunately, it was not properly located and was in a very hard to access location in the unfinished attic space.

Senior Design Specialist, Michael LaMalfa, designed and proposed an efficient system for Barbara. The system was installed in half a day by Scott Crandall in November 2020. It was a quick, clean installation, and Barbara now has peace of mind knowing her family is no longer exposed to high levels of radon in their home. 


Radon Mitigation, Plaistow, New Hampshire - Photo 1Radon Mitigation, Plaistow, New Hampshire - Photo 2Radon Mitigation, Plaistow, New Hampshire - Photo 3Radon Mitigation, Plaistow, New Hampshire - Photo 4
Concrete Wall Repair, Windham, NH

The owner of this property on Cobbetts Pond in Windham, New Hampshire knew when he bought the home that eventually the concrete walls of the boathouse would need to be repaired. There were visible, large cracks on the wall which faced the water. There was slight settlement, and the walls in general were shifting more and more each year. He reached out to a number of foundation repair contractors but in the end found only Erickson Foundation Supportworks had the right team and the right solution. And rather than wait for the situation to get worse, the time had come to fix it. 

Our inspection specialist David Cormier viewed the walls and designed a system utilizing 8 GeoLock wall anchors, as well as 6 Helical Piers. Together these anchors and piers would prevent the walls of the foundation from any further movement. The challenge for the production team was having to work in the frigid pond water in the late autumn months. With the right equipment and a 'can do' attitude, the crew worked diligently to install the system.

The concrete walls of this boathouse are now permanently stabilized, and the homeowner can now continue to preserve this small piece of New Hampshire history. 


Concrete Wall Repair, Windham, NH - Photo 1Concrete Wall Repair, Windham, NH - Photo 2Concrete Wall Repair, Windham, NH - Photo 3Concrete Wall Repair, Windham, NH - Photo 4Concrete Wall Repair, Windham, NH - Photo 5
Radon System, Windham, NH

This homeowner in Windham, NH has a finished basement where their daughter and her boyfriend live. Recently they had a radon test performed in their basement and found that the radon levels are between 4-9 pCi/l. When they got these test results back they moved their daughter and her boyfriend into the main living area until the issue is resolved. Design Specialist Michael LaMalfa proposed that the homeowners install a radon mitigation system  Crew Lead Scott Crandall and his team installed the radon system into the home to return the radon levels in the basement to safe levels. After the system was installed the daughter and her boyfriend were able to return to living in the basement with no fear of radon in the air.

Radon Mitigation System, Epping, NH

This homeowner in Epping, New Hampshire, has a finished basement in their home that they use frequently in their ranch-style home. The homeowner has requested to install a radon mitigation system in the basement. Design Specialist Brian Allen came to the home and proposed a radon mitigation system to reduce the amount of radon in the air. Crew Lead Nick Melo and his team came to the home and installed the new radon mitigation system.

Radon Mitigation System, Epping, NH - Photo 1
Radon Mitigation System, Epping, NH

This homeowner in Epping, NH is selling their home, and installing a radon system was on the list of some of the potential buyers. So the current homeowner decided it would be a good idea to have one installed. Design Specialist Kyle Jamerson came to the home and create the design for a custom radon system for their home. Crew Lead Nick Melo and his team came to the home and installed the Radon System.

Radon Mitigation System, Epping, NH - Photo 1
Bowing Foundation Walls, Newton, NH

Kimberly F in Newton, New Hampshire was experiencing an issue where her basement foundation wall was bowing and cracking. Design Specialist David Cormier came to the home and inspected the foundation for Kimberly. David proposed that Kimberly have Geolocks installed to stop the wall from bowing. Crew Lead Josh Provost installed the Geolocks into the home. To strengthen the foundation they installed 7 Geolock Systems. 

Smart Jacks Installation, Derry, NH

This homeowner in Derry, New Hampshire lives on Beaver Lake and has been experiencing unlevel floors and the corner of their porch is sinking. Design Specialist Royce Potts came to the home and walked through the home and the basement to better understand what conditions the house was in. He suggested that they install SmartJacks in the crawlspace of the home to add support and lift it some. 

Crew Lead Scott Crandall and his team came to the home and installed the SmartJacks into the crawlspace. Using the SmartJacks gave the home some interior support and some lift. The homeowners were very happy with the results of the project.

Foundation Pier Installation, Londonderry, NH

This homeowner in Londonderry New Hampshire was experiencing their house settling and beginning to sink. With the issues getting worse, the homeowner called Erickson Foundation Solutions and set up a meeting with Design Specialist Paul Magowan. Paul came to the home and looked over the homeowner's concerns. Paul recommended that installing foundation piers would be necessary to stop the home from sinking.

Crew Lead Chris Hanulek and his team came to the home to install the Piers to the foundation. They start by digging near the affected areas to expose the foot of the foundation. Then they create a notch on the foundation where they can attach their bracket that holds the pier. Next, they use a hydraulic press to push the pier down into the ground until it hits a substantial force that the home can rest on. Although it is not guaranteed, it is not uncommon to see a house lift a couple of inches. If the home ends getting some lift, the crew will fill the void with PolyLevel to make sure that the soil doesn't wash away.

Push Piers Installation, Londonderry, NH

Miles C. of Londonderry, New Hampshire was having concerns with his home. He was experiencing sticking doors and windows, cracks in the foundation walls, sloping and sagging floors, and cracked slabs outside. Design Specialist Paul Magowan came to the home and looked over all of the homeowner's concerns and proposed that his home would benefit from Helical Piers and some PolyLevel.

Crew Lead Nick Melo and his team came to the home and dug down to the foundation footing. When they got to the footing they installed Helical Piers in the affected areas. After all the piers were pressed down to their desired PSI, the crew filled the void with PolyLevel. 

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