Tips for Attending Home Improvement Expos & Trade Shows

Finding a professional contractor

When it comes to updating, improving, or saving your home, it can be a bit overwhelming to find a reliable, trustworthy professional. There are so many to choose from, and it is a competitive market, with most companies offering promotional discounts or free estimates. Sometimes, a quick search online is simply not enough, especially when it comes to making some serious improvements to your home. And while it may seem like a waste of time to attend a home show or expo, it just may very well be worth that time.

Benefits of attending a home show or expo

If you're searching for a foundation repair company online in the New Hampshire area, you will most likely come across Erickson Foundation Supportworks. Our website is helpful, informative, and easy to navigate. Should you dig deep enough on the website, you will also find information regarding our upcoming events, namely home shows and expos. Companies like us choose to exhibit at such events because we understand homeowners can really benefit from meeting with our experienced team in person. We attend such events for you the homeowner, for several reason:

  • to answer your questions (how would you do this?, what could be the cause of...?)
  • better explain our products and services (sometimes you just want more specifics)
  • point you in the right direction (if we can't directly help you, we will know somebody who can)
  • putting a face to a name (we are a local, family owned and operated company, so allow us to introduce ourselves in person!)


Some tips for attending a home show or expo

Before attending a home show or expo, consider what you hope to accomplish. If your simpy our for a stroll to see what's out there, then enjoy yourself. But if you have some specific concerns with your home that you hope to address in the near future, make the most of your time at the event:

  • Make a list - are you in need of just one service? perhaps you need many things done around your home? 
  • Research the companies attending the event - what do they offer? are they reputable? (if a company has mostly poor reviews, don't waste your time visiting their booth. Look for a better company)
  • Don't feel pressured - companies exhibiting at these events are not there to sell you something on the spot. Exhibitors are there to promote their services and answer questions. While some companies may offer 'home show specials', don't feel pressured to buy anything immediately. 
  • Do not be dissapointed to not receive a price from an exhibitor - sometimes giving a quote on the spot is impossible for a contractor. This is especially true with foundation repair. We've encountered so many foundation issues and concerns, and each one has it's own unique challenges. To provide an accurate estimate of any kind, a thorough inspection is needed. That being said, free estimates and inspections are provided.
  • If possible, book your appointment or consultation at the home show - if you are impressed with an exhibitor or company and feel they offer the exact type of service you need or want, then book an appointment immediately. Schedules due tend to fill up fast, and so if you are hoping to begin your home improvement project sooner than later, take advantage of the interaction at the home show to schedule your appointment ASAP.
  • Lastly, if you visit several exhibitors and collect lots of literature or samples, do your best to keep all the material organized. Chances are you may forget which companies you were impressed with if you mix up all the business cards or brochures. Ask for a bag at the home show or expo, and if possible ask exhibitors to staple materials together to make it easier.


Exhibitors at home shows and expos are there for you, the homeowner. Take advantage of the chance to meet with reputable companies at events, and go prepared to ensure you can make the most of the events you attend. 


Interested in meeting with our foundation repair team at an upcoming event? Contact us today and see where we'll be throughout the year. We look forward to meeting you! 

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