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Annual Maintenance Program in Greater Bedford

Trusted foundation, concrete, & radon mitigation system maintenance

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Join the Erickson Care Club to prolong the life of your repair system and assure lifelong home protection!

At Erickson Foundation Solutions, we stand behind our incredibly durable systems, as we only send professionally trained technicians to install the best products on the market. So, while these systems require little upkeep, regular maintenance can guarantee peak performance and a protected home for years to come.

That is why we have established the Erickson Care Club. Joining is easy, as your annual service appointment cost is covered by recurring monthly payments. We also offer priority scheduling and a 5 percent discount on future system installations.

By joining the Erickson Maintenance program, you can effectively prolong the expected lifespan of your system and greatly reduce the need for emergency service calls. Plus, all of our annual maintenance appointments include a full inspection!

About our annual maintenance program:

  • Free annual maintenance: Annual maintenance and inspection appointments are included with your Erickson Care Club membership.
  • Priority service: Priority scheduling on all future maintenance, service, and installation appointments is also another feature included in your Erickson Care Club membership.
  • Member rewards: Like what we've done for you so far? Another incentive of your Erickson Care Club membership includes a 5 percent discount on any purchases at this address.
    * Minimum 1-year membership required

Wall Stabilization:

  • Re-tighten to appropriate torque
  • Evaluate Powerbrace and/or wall anchor plates
  • Benchmark the position of wall(s) at each location
  • Remove any excess anchor rods
  • Perform an inspection of foundation, grading, and gutters

Foundation Stabilization:

  • Assess benchmarks
  • Replace or add benchmarks as necessary
  • Determine elevations of the entire foundation
  • Inspect grading, downspouts, and gutters
  • Inspect foundation walls for cracks, efflorescence, or water stains

Radon Mitigation:

  • Check radon fan function
  • Record and evaluate manometer reading
  • Inspect for new radon entry points
  • Check radon exhaust point for obstructions

Concrete Repair:

  • Inspect concrete for cracks, spalling, or other signs of damage
  • Check slabs for sinking or other signs of settlement
  • Assess interior slabs for signs of damages or settlement

Basement Waterproofing:

  • Check humidity levels
  • Inspect drains and basins for debris
  • Check for deflection on exterior walls
  • Check for signs of wall leaks
  • Inspect, test, and clean sump pump
  • Inspect batteries and chargers
  • Inspect discharge lines
  • Tighten hose clamp fittings

Crawl Space Repair

  • Check humidity levels
  • Inspect CleanSpace system for tears
  • Inspect for signs of water
  • Inspect for any air leaks
  • Check for deflection on exterior walls
  • Inspect, test, and clean sump pump
  • Inspect batteries and chargers
  • Inspect discharge lines
  • Tighten hose clamp fittings

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