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sinking floor

Gaps between the floor and the wall are a sure sign of a serious foundation problem.

Uneven and cracking floors can cause major problems in any home. In addition to creating tripping hazards, making the home uncomfortable, and simply looking bad, damaged floors also lower property value. Making matters worse, these issues are often symptoms of a foundation problem.

Erickson Foundation Solutions specializes in repairing floors that are sinking or unlevel due to foundation problems. Our foundation repair experts will identify the cause of your floor damage and provide you with a quality solution.

If you have cracked or uneven floors in your home, give us a call at 1-855-239-3489 or click below to learn more about how we can help you. We offer free estimates in Bedford, Windham, Amherst and throughout the surrounding areas.

Before and After
  • SmartJacks Installed in Basement, Worcester, MA
    SmartJacks Installed in Basement, Worcester, MA

    SmartJacks Installed in Basement, Worcester, MA

    A homeowner in Worcester, Massachusetts, has lived in their early 1900s home for 10 years. They were planning on selling the home in the next few years so they were tackling projects to help sell the home. They wanted to replace the old supports in the basement will sturdier supports. They decided to call EFS for a free inspection of their home. Our Design Specialist inspected the home and recommended installing 4 SmartJacks in the basement to stabilize the floor system. 

  • Eliminating Sagging Floors with SmartJacks, Shrewsbury, MA
    Eliminating Sagging Floors with SmartJacks, Shrewsbury, MA

    Eliminating Sagging Floors with SmartJacks, Shrewsbury, MA

    A 1920s home in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts, had been purchased two years ago and the home inspector noticed that the floor system was sagging. The homeowner called EFS for a free inspection of the basement and the supports. Our Design Specialist inspected the basement and recommended installing 7 SmartJacks in the basement to eliminate the sagging and add support to the floor system. Our team installed the new supports and lift-up on the floor system to level them and stabilize them. 

  • Resurfacing Garage Floor, Marlboro, MA
    Resurfacing Garage Floor, Marlboro, MA

    Resurfacing Garage Floor, Marlboro, MA

    Greg B. of Marlboro, Massachusetts was experiencing settling on the backside of their house. Behind the home is a retaining wall that is holding the soil that is holding the home in place. Greg thinks the settling in the backyard is causing cracking in his garage. He called Erickson Foundation Solutions to see if they could send someone out to inspect his home. 

    Design Specialist John Prince came to Greg's home and inspected the garage and the backyard. He confirmed Greg's suspicions of settlement in the backyard. John proposed to stop the settlement they install Push Piers in the back of the home and then after those are installed they seal the cracks, PolyLEVEL, and Resurface the whole garage. 

    Crew Lead Chris Hanlek and his team came to the home and installed the PolyLEVEL, Crack Seal, and Resurface. 

  • Sagging Floors in Maynard, MA
    Sagging Floors in Maynard, MA

    Sagging Floors in Maynard, MA

    This home built in the 1920's was dealing with sagging beams and floor joists, which ultimately led to cracking plaster in the home above. The old columns and posts in the basement were replaced with SmartJacks, which were then raised to stabilize the floor system above.

  • Basement Column Replacements, Greenville, NH
    Basement Column Replacements, Greenville, NH

    Basement Column Replacements, Greenville, NH

    This home in Greenville, NH had a basement full of old wooden columns supporting the first floor. The floors were out of level and sloping, and the homeowner decided to make the necessary repairs to improve this. Our team installed SmartJacks throughout the basement, new steel columns with a full warranty. All the old wooden columns were replaced and removed.

  • Gutting Kitchen Beginning with Stabilizing Floor, Acton, MA
    Gutting Kitchen Beginning with Stabilizing Floor, Acton, MA

    Gutting Kitchen Beginning with Stabilizing Floor, Acton, MA

    A homeowner in Acton, Massachusetts, had lived in a home that was built in 1769. They have lived in the home since last October and planned on gutting the kitchen and remodeling it. Because of the age of the home, the homeowners wanted to replace the beam and floor joist of the kitchen floor. For extra precaution, the homeowners decided to reach out to EFS for options of additional support under the new beam and joists. Our design specialist recommended installing 4 SmartJacks under the beam and installing CleanSpace in the crawlspace under the kitchen. 

    The team installed the supports under the beam to support the new weight of the remodeled kitchen. After the SmartJacks were installed the team installed CleanSpace to encapsulate the crawlspace to prevent moisture and pests from entering the crawlspace. 

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Stella M. of Newmarket, NH

  • Floor Crack

    floor crack

    If you have cracks in your basement floor or concrete slab, they are likely caused by movement in your foundation. Depending on soil conditions, many foundations and concrete slabs sink and settle over time, placing stress on the concrete and eventually causing it to crack. Shrinking soils, soil washout, and poor compaction of backfill soil can all lead to your foundation slab sinking and settling.

    Floor cracks create tripping hazards, make a home uncomfortable, and reduce your property value. We can eliminate these side effects by installing foundation pier systems to raise and level your floors. These piers reach to stable soils to provide better support for your concrete slab and stabilize it. We then repair the cracks themselves and restore your floor to its original smooth, level condition.

  • Uneven Floor

    uneven floor

    While you may think that an uneven floor would be obvious, many homeowners don't notice until they drop something and it rolls all the way to the other side of the room. Short of that happening, common warning signs of uneven floors include separations between the floor and the wall, doors that are difficult to open and close, and sections of the floor feeling bouncy or unsupported. In most cases, these problems are not caused by the floor itself, but rather the foundation and soils below it.

    The main causes of uneven floors are settling concrete slabs, foundation heave, and failing crawl space joists. If the floor in question is above your crawl space, we will provide additional support using crawl space support jacks, which will raise and level the floor. If the issue is with your foundation, foundation piers can be installed to restore your floor to its original position and stabilize it.

  • Sagging Crawl Space

    sagging crawl space

    Many homeowners avoid the crawl space in their home, and for good reason. However, that area can also cause some serious problems for your home, including sagging, uneven, or bouncy floors. If your crawl space has insufficient, deteriorating, or poorly spaced joists, the floors above are where you'll feel the effects. When the joists aren't doing their job correctly, the floors in your home will start to sag down, potentially going so far as to separate from the wall.

    Our crawl space support jacks are the solution to this problem. These support posts install underneath the floor joists and raise them to their correct position, providing the support your floors need. These jacks are easily adjustable, meaning any future issues can quickly be resolved. With stainless posts that are compatible with crawl space encapsulation, you won't need to worry about rotting crawl space joists any longer.

Fix your uneven and cracking floors today!

You don't have to deal with cracked, unlevel, or sagging floors in your home any longer. Erickson Foundation Solutions provides complete floor repair services to ensure that you have safe, stable, and level floors throughout your home.

Call us today at 1-855-239-3489 or contact us online to learn more about how we can fix all your foundation problems. We offer free estimates in Bedford, Windham, Amherst, Hollis, Nashua, Manchester, Litchfield, Bow, Stratham, Cambridge and throughout the surrounding areas.

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