Foundation Problems

Common Foundation Problems Near Bedford, Windham, Amherst

We provide expert foundation repair for all types of foundation problems

No homeowner wants to deal with a foundation problem, especially since many people associate foundation repair with expensive and invasive projects. However, correctly identifying a foundation problem before it becomes too severe is the key to limiting the scope of the damage.

At Erickson Foundation Solutions, our foundation repair experts are trained to carefully evaluate all aspects of your foundation to identify any problems and the correct source of the damage. Whether you have a problem with your foundation walls, slab floor, or any other issues, we have a custom solution designed to suit your needs.

If you've seen cracks in your floors or walls, have bowing foundation walls or a tilted chimney, or have observed any other signs of foundation damage, give us a call today at 1-855-239-3489 to learn more about how we can help you. We offer free estimates on all our foundation repair services in Amherst, Windham, Bedford and throughout the surrounding areas in New Hampshire & Massachusetts.

Before and After
  • Leaning Retaining Wall Repair
    Leaning Retaining Wall Repair

    Leaning Retaining Wall Repair

    This retaining wall had several large cracks along the length of it, and was beginning to lean. The homeowner wished to permanently stabilize the wall before conditions got worse. Erickson Foundation Supportworks stabilized the wall with 12 GeoLock anchors.

  • Retaining Wall Repair, Ashburnham, MA
    Retaining Wall Repair, Ashburnham, MA

    Retaining Wall Repair, Ashburnham, MA

    This large concrete retaining wall was cracked and leaning. Our team installed wall anchors to permanently stabilize the wall structure and prevent the problem from getting worse over time. 

  • Bulging Fieldstone Foundation, Fitchburg, MA
    Bulging Fieldstone Foundation, Fitchburg, MA

    Bulging Fieldstone Foundation, Fitchburg, MA

    A homeowner in Fitchburg, Massachusetts, lives in a home built in the 1920s. The homeowners have a section of their fieldstone foundation that is bulging. They decided to call EFS for a free inspection. Our Design Specialist recommended installing PolyLevel Wall Restoration over the bulging section of the foundation to prevent any further bulging. 

  • Resurfacing Garage Floor, Marlboro, MA
    Resurfacing Garage Floor, Marlboro, MA

    Resurfacing Garage Floor, Marlboro, MA

    Greg B. of Marlboro, Massachusetts was experiencing settling on the backside of their house. Behind the home is a retaining wall that is holding the soil that is holding the home in place. Greg thinks the settling in the backyard is causing cracking in his garage. He called Erickson Foundation Solutions to see if they could send someone out to inspect his home. 

    Design Specialist John Prince came to Greg's home and inspected the garage and the backyard. He confirmed Greg's suspicions of settlement in the backyard. John proposed to stop the settlement they install Push Piers in the back of the home and then after those are installed they seal the cracks, PolyLEVEL, and Resurface the whole garage. 

    Crew Lead Chris Hanlek and his team came to the home and installed the PolyLEVEL, Crack Seal, and Resurface. 

  • Concerned About Garage Floor Sinking and Cracking, Boxborough, MA
    Concerned About Garage Floor Sinking and Cracking, Boxborough, MA

    Concerned About Garage Floor Sinking and Cracking, Boxborough, MA

    A homeowner in Boxborough, Massachusetts, had lived in their new home for the past 3 months. Since they moved in the homeowners have noticed some cracking in their garage and were worried about the garage sinking and causing these cracks. They decided to call EFS for a free inspection of their garage. Our design specialist recommended installing PolyLevel, NexusPro, FlexiSpan, and Crack Injection into the garage to stabilize it and seal the cracks. 

  • Sagging Floors in Maynard, MA
    Sagging Floors in Maynard, MA

    Sagging Floors in Maynard, MA

    This home built in the 1920's was dealing with sagging beams and floor joists, which ultimately led to cracking plaster in the home above. The old columns and posts in the basement were replaced with SmartJacks, which were then raised to stabilize the floor system above.

foundation wall cracks

Foundation Wall Problems

Common signs of a foundation wall problem include stair step cracking, inward tilting, and bowing or buckling.

foundation floor problems

Floor Problems

Floor cracks, separation between walls and floors, and sagging or bouncy walls and floors all indicate a foundation problem.

foundation soil problems

Soil Problems

The soils surrounding your home have a huge impact on the long term stability and condition of your foundation.

Our expert foundation repair starts with a thorough inspection

At Erickson Foundation Solutions, we have effective, warrantied solutions for foundation problems of all types, and we have the training, techniques, and top-quality products you need to permanently solve your problem. Our foundation repair professionals will identify the right solution for your needs and provide you with a quality installation that completely solves the problem.

If you're having a foundation repair problem in your home, call us today at 1-855-239-3489 or contact us online to get the help you need. As your local foundation repair experts, we offer free estimates on all our work in Amherst, Windham, Bedford, Nashua, Manchester, Litchfield, Hollis, Stratham, Merrimack, Bow and throughout the surrounding areas.

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