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Common Foundation Problems Near Bedford, Windham, Amherst

We provide expert foundation repair for all types of foundation problems

No homeowner wants to deal with a foundation problem, especially since many people associate foundation repair with expensive and invasive projects. However, correctly identifying a foundation problem before it becomes too severe is the key to limiting the scope of the damage.

At Erickson Foundation Solutions, our foundation repair experts are trained to carefully evaluate all aspects of your foundation to identify any problems and the correct source of the damage. Whether you have a problem with your foundation walls, slab floor, or any other issues, we have a custom solution designed to suit your needs.

If you've seen cracks in your floors or walls, have bowing foundation walls or a tilted chimney, or have observed any other signs of foundation damage, give us a call today at 1-855-239-3489 to learn more about how we can help you. We offer free estimates on all our foundation repair services in Amherst, Windham, Bedford and throughout the surrounding areas in New Hampshire & Massachusetts.

Before and After
  • Foundation Repair in Gardner, MA
    Foundation Repair in Gardner, MA

    Foundation Repair in Gardner, MA

    A homeowner is selling their home in the near future and wants to make sure the selling process goes smoothly. Structural issues were a big concern. Looking to strengthen the foundation, this homeowner reached out to Erickson Foundation Solutions.

    Design Specialist, Mark Proctor, noticed severe foundation problems upon giving a free home inspection. Cobblestone walls had settled, resulting in brick walls bowing outward and even partially collapsing. With such drastic basement damage, Mark recommended reconstructing the foundation walls and pouring a new concrete slab. Our installation crew demoed the entire front wall section, carefully disassembling the corner that was held together by only foam. Reconstructing the foundation was a challenge with rain hitting the exposed cobblestone, but with the crew's care and attention to detail, they were able to overcome it.

    With a new foundation, the home is now properly supported. This homeowner now has peace of mind during the home selling process, and while he continues to live in the home.

  • Basement Crack Repair, Acton, MA
    Basement Crack Repair, Acton, MA

    Basement Crack Repair, Acton, MA

    A homeowner in Acton, Massachusetts was preparing to sell his home. In order to protect the value of the home, he wanted to repair cracks in his foundation. These cracks had been present when he purchased the home 11 years ago but have been worsening much more in recent years. He reached out to our Erickson team for a permanent solution.

    Mark Proctor, one of our Design Specialists, went out to conduct a free inspection on the home. He recommended installing PolyLevel injection foam and NexusPro crack and joint sealant. The PolyLevel foam is injected underneath the concrete to fill voids which cause sinking, thus lifting and leveling the concrete. Once the concrete is leveled, NexusPro sealant is injected into the cracks. This product is engineered to provide long-lasting flexibility and stand up to harsh weather conditions, which means no cracking, drying, or bubbling.

    One the job is finished, a long-lasting foundation floor is created. This homeowner can now sell his home knowing its value is protected.

  • Basement Wall Stabilization, Nashua, NH
    Basement Wall Stabilization, Nashua, NH

    Basement Wall Stabilization, Nashua, NH

    A homeowner in Nashua, New Hampshire had a crack running along their foundation wall. Typically, a crack like this can worsen over time if left untreated. Eventually, this could cause the basement wall to lean and bow, and even potentially collapse. Concerned about the safety of her home, this homeowner reached out to us for a permanent solution.

    Our Design Specialist recommended installing PowerBrace, a foundation wall repair system. This system supports and stabilizes bowing and leaning walls, and can even straighten them. Additionally, FlexiSpan, a polyurethane sealant, was installed to seal the crack. This material adjusts to movements in the basement wall and prevents water from making its way through the crack.

    With this system in place, the home is now properly supported, and the wall has been stabilized. This homeowner now has peace of mind that her forever home is safe.

  • Helical Pier Installation, Wilmington, MA
    Helical Pier Installation, Wilmington, MA

    Helical Pier Installation, Wilmington, MA

    A home in Wilmington, Massachusetts, had an issue with the foundation sinking. The homeowners decided to call EFS for a free inspection of their foundation. Our Design Specialist Mark Proctor met with the homeowner and inspected all of their concerns. After the inspection, Mark recommended installing Helical Piers around the settling portion of the foundation. We installed a total of 8 Helical Piers around the sinking corner of the foundation. 

  • Helical Piers Installed, Londonderry, NH
    Helical Piers Installed, Londonderry, NH

    Helical Piers Installed, Londonderry, NH

    A business in Londonderry, New Hampshire was growing and needed to install two loading docks onto their existing building. They needed to have the foundation checked before they could begin to install the loading docks. Our Design Specialist met with the building manager and inspected the building and discussed their plans. In order to properly support the weight of the docks and have a safe distribution of weight, we recommended installing Helical Piers beneath the footings. Our team also installed GeoLock wall anchors to ensure the foundation walls didn't buckle or lean during their project.

  • Basement Crack Waterproofing, North Reading, MA
    Basement Crack Waterproofing, North Reading, MA

    Basement Crack Waterproofing, North Reading, MA

    A homeowner in North Reading, Massachusetts had been experiencing cracks in the basement. Not interested in a sump pump, he was curious to see what other waterproofing options existed. He reached out to us to further explore those options.
    The common method of repairing basement wall cracks involves an injection of a polyurethane material that generally will fail over time due. This material dries into a firm substance that can't move with a wall. Since concrete naturally shrinks and is subject to pressure from soils, it's essential to have a crack repair system that can work with the wall's movement. FlexiSpan is the ideal solution to this problem. This flexible sealant is made of open cell foam and waterproof sealant.

    FlexiSpan is designed to move with a wall, ensuring that the entire crack is sealed even if there is a change in the wall. This is a permanent solution that installs smoothly over a wall, and its neutral color will fit with a concrete wall. FlexiSpan can easily be covered up with a basement finishing product as well.


foundation wall cracks

Foundation Wall Problems

Common signs of a foundation wall problem include stair step cracking, inward tilting, and bowing or buckling.

foundation floor problems

Floor Problems

Floor cracks, separation between walls and floors, and sagging or bouncy walls and floors all indicate a foundation problem.

foundation soil problems

Soil Problems

The soils surrounding your home have a huge impact on the long term stability and condition of your foundation.

Our expert foundation repair starts with a thorough inspection

At Erickson Foundation Solutions, we have effective, warrantied solutions for foundation problems of all types, and we have the training, techniques, and top-quality products you need to permanently solve your problem. Our foundation repair professionals will identify the right solution for your needs and provide you with a quality installation that completely solves the problem.

If you're having a foundation repair problem in your home, call us today at 1-855-239-3489 or contact us online to get the help you need. As your local foundation repair experts, we offer free estimates on all our work in Amherst, Windham, Bedford, Nashua, Manchester, Litchfield, Hollis, Stratham, Merrimack, Bow and throughout the surrounding areas.

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