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We can repair damage caused by weak soils, expanding soils, and hydrostatic pressure

foundation settlement

Stair step cracks on walls are a common sign of foundation problems caused by settlement and soil issues.

If you've seen cracks in your foundation walls or floors, have bowing or buckling walls, or are dealing with uneven floors, your first instinct is to blame the foundation and the way it was built. However, the real cause of the issue may not actually be your foundation, but the soils around it.

When a foundation is dug out and poured, the removed soil is replaced as backfill. Unfortunately, this process can weaken the soil around the foundation and eventually lead to problems. For many homeowners, this is an unknown source of trouble. At Erickson Foundation Solutions, we can identify soil issues around your home and prevent them from causing further issues with your foundation.

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Before and After
  • Concrete Pier Cracked Under Addition, Westford, MA
    Concrete Pier Cracked Under Addition, Westford, MA

    Concrete Pier Cracked Under Addition, Westford, MA

    This homeowner in Westford, Massachusetts had a cracked concrete pier under a support post. This post supports the addition of the home and the homeowner would like this fixed ASAP. They decided to call EFS for a free inspection. 

    Design Specialist Justin Wenners found that the pier had a considerable chunk taken off of the top.

    Crew Lead Chris Tremblay and his team removed the old concrete pier and installed the new EZ post where the old pier was. 

  • Settling Foundation Supported in Nashua, NH
    Settling Foundation Supported in Nashua, NH

    Settling Foundation Supported in Nashua, NH

    This home was built on an old fill site, and one day began settling at a rapid rate. In total, the home sank 9 inches. We used push piers to stabilize the home and keep it from sinking any further. We were even able to lift the entire foundation and home up almost back to level, without doing any damage to the structure. In these before and after photos, notice how the lally columns are completely detached from the supporting beams in the basement. We lifted the foundation walls on the perimeter, but the slab in the basement itself was still sunken and crumbling. These columns were replaced with Smartjacks.

    The home owners who were once distraught and worried about losing their home are now thrilled and happy to have a stabilized home.

  • EZ Post Installation, Merrimack, NH
    EZ Post Installation, Merrimack, NH

    EZ Post Installation, Merrimack, NH

    A homeowner in Merrimack, New Hampshire, needed some support added to the addition at the back of their home. The addition in the back of their home had been deemed unsafe by the homeowners. They didn't let anyone go into that room for fear that it would collapse. The homeowners decided to call EFS for a free inspection of their addition. Our design specialist recommended installing EZ post to support the addition. 

  • EZ Post Installed, Merrimack, NH
    EZ Post Installed, Merrimack, NH

    EZ Post Installed, Merrimack, NH

    This homeowner had seen the support posts on their covered porch sink and have a window crack. The homeowner wanted to have the supports replaced so they reached out to EFS. We recommended installing and replacing the 2 old supports with 2 EZ posts to support the covered porch. 

  • New Construction Helical Piers, Tewksbury, MA
    New Construction Helical Piers, Tewksbury, MA

    New Construction Helical Piers, Tewksbury, MA

    A builder in Tewksbury, Massachusetts, had contacted EFS about installing new construction Helical Piers under a foundation they were pouring in a flood zone. Matt Erickson JR. designed a plan to install the Helical Piers to the new foundation when it is poured. Matt recommended installing 9 Helical Piers under the footprint of the foundation and 11 EZ Post beneath the back porch and front steps that aren't built yet. Our team used a hydraulic drive head to drive the Helical Piers and EZ Posts into the dirt until they reached sufficient pressure. 

  • Helical Piers Installation, Stoneham, MA
    Helical Piers Installation, Stoneham, MA

    Helical Piers Installation, Stoneham, MA

    A homeowner in Stoneham, Massachusetts, had concerns with the stability of the dining room in their home. The dining room was added to the home after it was built in 1950. Since the homeowners moved in 2014 they have noticed the dining room get worse, The owners of the home decided to call EFS for a free inspection and our Design Specialist recommended installing 5 Helical Piers with porch brackets to stabilize the dining room foundation. 

    Our installation team installed the 5 Helical Piers under the dining room by using a hydraulic drive head until they reach 1800psi. Then installed the porch bracket and fit a PT 6x6 to the bottom of the dining room to stabilize the room. 

Foundation Soils
foundation soils

Understanding foundation soils is the key to understanding foundation repair problems. The type of soil your home sits on plays a huge role in the risk of foundation damage you have. Sand and sandy loam soils allow water to pass through, making them more stable and less likely to expand and cause foundation problems. On the other hand, clay soils absorb water, expand, and put pressure on the foundation. This pressure can lead to floor cracks, wall cracks, and other foundation problems.

There are several layers of soil under your foundation, including bedrock, untouched "virgin" soils, and the active zone, which is where foundation problems can happen. The active zone is the area that is affected by moisture and climate change, causing soil to expand and contract. These soil movements can severely impact your foundation, causing bowing walls, wall and floor cracks, and lessening stability. Depending on where you live, the active zone can be a few feet below grade or as much as 30 feet below the surface. Our foundation repair services can solve a wide variety of foundation soil problems.

Foundation Settlement
settling foundation

The soil under your foundation is comprised of several different layers, some of which were disturbed when your foundation was originally dug out. When one of these layers can't support the weight of your foundation, it will begin to sink and settle. This is a slow process that will not be immediately obvious, but over time it can have serious effects on your home.

Common signs of foundation settlement include floor cracks, stair-step cracks in walls, cracks in interior drywall, and windows and doors that are difficult to open and close. Foundations usually settle unevenly, causing damage to walls and floors that can eventually lead to failure if not addressed. We use foundation piers to stabilize settling foundations and provide a long-lasting solution.

Foundation Heave
foundation heave

Foundation heave occurs when soils under your home expand and force the foundation upwards. This process is generally caused by over-saturation of soil. Underground water, prolonged or heavy precipitation, poor drainage, and frost heave can all be causes of foundation heave. Foundation heave will cause cracks in floors, bowing walls, and sticking windows and doors.

It's important to note that although the symptoms of foundation heave and foundation settlement are very similar, the causes are very different and the solution for one won't work for the other. One easy way to spot heave is to examine floor cracks and see if they form an enclosed loop. The area inside that loop is where the greatest pressure is being exerted. In order to fix foundation heave, we use solutions such as improved drainage, soil stabilization with polymer injections, and mechanical foundation repair.

Expansive Soils
expansive soils

When your foundation is dug out, the removed soil is backfilled into the empty space once the foundation is poured. Backfill behaves differently than "virgin" soil because it no longer has the tightly packed, watertight properties that undisturbed soil develops over decades and decades. When excess moisture enters backfilled soil, it expands and exerts pressure on your foundation walls. This is known as hydrostatic pressure, and it can cause serious damage to your foundation walls.

Foundation walls that are subject to pressure from expansive soils will bow inwards and develop cracks. If too much pressure builds up over time, the foundation walls could eventually fail. We can repair this problem with our wall anchor system, which will stabilize the wall by tying it to stronger soils and preventing inward movement.

Get quality foundation repair services for foundation soil problems

If your foundation soils are causing cracks in your foundation, bowing or buckling walls, sticking windows and doors, or any other foundation issues, call the local experts at Erickson Foundation Solutions today. We can solve all types of foundation repair problems caused by foundation soils.

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