Concrete Lifting Examples

Concrete Lifting & Leveling Examples Near Amherst, Windham, Bedford

See why PolyLevel® is the right choice for your concrete repair needs

If your driveway, sidewalk or patio has uneven surfaces due to sinking concrete, Erickson Foundation Solutions has the solution you need. PolyLevel® is an alternative solution to traditional mud jacking that lifts concrete slabs to a level position and provides long lasting stabilization. Here are some examples showing the difference PolyLevel® can make for homeowners. Call us today at 1-855-239-3489 to get started with a free estimate in Bedford, Windham, Amherst and the nearby areas!

Before and After
  • Concrete Patio Lift and Level, Southborough, MA
    Concrete Patio Lift and Level, Southborough, MA

    Concrete Patio Lift and Level, Southborough, MA

    This section of concrete patio for this homeowner had cracked and settled 5 inches. Rather than completely tear out and replace the entire patio, or even sections like this, our team successfully installed PolyLevel to lift and level out the concrete slab. The results in this corner of the patio were outstanding! The patio went from being an unsightly trip hazard, to being raised up to level and safe. And no demolition required. 

  • Concrete Front Porch Repair, Wakefield, MA
    Concrete Front Porch Repair, Wakefield, MA

    Concrete Front Porch Repair, Wakefield, MA

    This concrete stoop on a home in Wakefield, MA had settled up to 3 inches in some sections. As the slab settled, cracks formed and started to become unsafe and unsightly. Our concrete repair team of Chris and Nick were able to lift and level the slab using PolyLevel. 

  • Walkway Leveling, Narraganset, RI
    Walkway Leveling, Narraganset, RI

    Walkway Leveling, Narraganset, RI

    The walkway at this home in Narraganset, RI had sunken several inches, and a large trip hazard had formed where it met a set of stairs. The homeowner decided it was time to get this fixed before somebody tripped and got hurt. Our team was able to lift this section of concrete several inches up using slab jacks and PolyLevel. After the lifting process, the walkway was much safer, and the homeowner had peace of mind. 

  • Leveling Concrete Steps, Worcester, MA
    Leveling Concrete Steps, Worcester, MA

    Leveling Concrete Steps, Worcester, MA

    The steps on various entrances on this rental property were unstable, uneven, and unsafe. The owners of the building needed a permanent solution to straighten the stairs and concrete pads, and so reached out to our experts at Erickson Foundation Solutions. 

    Our team proposed and installed PolyLevel to level and stabilize a handful of concrete steps and walkways around the building. With safe, stable concrete on the property, the owners have peace of mind that their tenants have a safer home.

  • Leveling Concrete Steps, Gardner, MA
    Leveling Concrete Steps, Gardner, MA

    Leveling Concrete Steps, Gardner, MA

    This homeowner in Gardner, MA was concerned with the concrete step outside their front door. Over the years it had settled and was sloping to one side. as the concrete continued to sink, the step through the front door was becoming too high. Rather than replace the entire concrete step, which was still in good condition, the homeowner was seeking a repair to simply level it out. 

    Our team proposed jacking the step up and stabilizing it with PolyLevel. This PolyLevel injection process was cost effective for the homeowner, and provided them with a permanent solution. They were able to use the step again within minutes, and the entire concrete slab was leveled and safe once again.

  • Settling Concrete Repair, Mattapoisett, MA
    Settling Concrete Repair, Mattapoisett, MA

    Settling Concrete Repair, Mattapoisett, MA

    Several sections of the concrete surrounding this inground pool in Mattapoisett, MA were dealing with settlement concerns. This one section near the entrance to a patio area was a terrible trip hazard, with a one inch difference between two concrete slabs. Our team was able to lift the sunken concrete and remove the trip hazard, creating a safer environment for this homeowner.

sidewalk repair concrete sidewalk leveling

Sinking concrete can create a serious tripping hazard. Here, you can see that by leveling the concrete at the foot of the front door to this home, tripping hazards can be eliminated and safety can be improved.


Sunken patio Sunken concrete patio repair & leveling

The drainage path on a concrete patio is important. Once concrete sinks, it can result in water going where it shouldn't, resulting in drainage problems. In this example, concrete lifting solved this home's drainage problems where this patio abuts the house.


Sinking driveway concrete Driveway leveling

In this example, parking the car in the garage required driving over a major bump. Lifting the driveway apron made parking the garage less of an ordeal.


Sinking sidewalk slab Raising a sinking porch with PolyLevel®

A sunken patio can be a safety liability and diminishes the aesthetic appeal of your outdoor area. This example shows a patio that was lifted back to its original position so it is no longer dangerous and unsightly.


Get quality concrete leveling for your home

Not sure who to call for concrete leveling or repair on your property? Erickson Foundation Solutions is your local foundation repair contractor providing quality solutions for raising sunken concrete. We repair uneven concrete with our fast-curing and effective PolyLevel® injection foam. Contact us to schedule an free estimate for concrete repair using PolyLevel® in Bedford, Windham, Amherst, Manchester, Nashua, Hollis, Cambridge, Litchfield, Bow, Stratham and the surrounding areas.

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