Foundation Repair for Realtors in New Hampshire


      Selling or buying a home in New Hampshire can be a challenge, especially when the unanticipated happens.For realtors, there is a long checklist of items to address, from home inspections to meeting numerous deadlines. When it comes to home inspections, one cause for concern is any structural issue with a homes foundation, or perhaps the presence of high levels of radon. Such issues slow down the sale process and lead to additional costs. However, there is good news in that there are solutions available for such issues.

      Before we get into specific foundation issues and possible solutions, it's important to note why it's important to get such issues addressed in the first place. The importance of course lies in the value of the property. A home facing structural issues with its foundation is likely to sell for much less than a home which is structurally sound. What may look like a small crack may be a sign of something bigger, and uncertainty will either drive home buyers away or force the sellers to have to lower their asking price. In either case, the situation is not ideal for any realtor, whose job it is to generate timely sales at the best price.

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      When any foundation concerns do arise during a home inspection, the first question that comes to mind for the realtor and home seller is "how much will this cost to fix"? Home inspectors and structural engineeers can provide rough estimates and perhaps explain what type of solutions are available, however will not provide the repair services themselves. Fortunately for realtors and home sellers in New Hampshire, the local, family-owned and operated company of Erickson Foundation Supportworks provides free foundation inspections and estimates. There are no jobs too big or too small for our foundation repair experts, and our extensive knowledge and experience in general contracting make us the ideal company for all aspects of foundation repair projects.

Common issues we have encountered while inspecting homes in New Hampshire and Massachusetts include, but are not limited to;

  1. settlement or sinking issues
  2. uneven floors or sagging beams
  3. dirty, humid or failing crawlspaces
  4. high levels of radon
  5. bowing or leaning walls
  6. uneven concrete slabs or patios

1. For settlement or sinking issues, there are a couple different soulutions available, both involving deep earth pier technology. For more information on Helical Piers and Push Piers for settliong foundations, please read more here. Depending on the severity of the issue, and the integrity of the soil beneath the foundation footings, steps can be taken to first raise the foundation and then permanently stabilize the structure, preventing it from settling again in the future. In depth reports are available for all work completed, as are transferable warranties, both of which are a must for owners and realtors hoping to sell the home.

2. In older homes, and sometimes newer ones too, beams are often undersized, and many contractors use wooden posts or weak columns that will rot, shift and settle over time. When it comes to uneven floors, sagging beams and settled floor joists, Smart Jacks are the ideal solution, as they can be adjusted over time to provide additional straightening and leveling action if necessary. Smart Jacks can be installed in full basements and within crawlspaces, and their use is not often limited by the weight or height of the beams in question. 

3. Crawlspaces are often neglected and seldom visited. However, they are an important part of the homes which should not be overlooked. For more information on crawlspaces and the ideal products Erickson Foundation Supportworks uses when repairing these spaces, please visit this more in depth article here on crawlspaces.

4. As awareness towards radon is growing, more and more homes are tested during the sales process. Erickson Foundation Supportworks provides radon measuring and mitigation services throughout New Hampshire and Massachusetts, and our services can provide home buyers with peace of mind by helping to lower the levels of radon should it be present. Read more here on how radon can influence the selling and buying of a home.

5. When a foundation has leaning or bowing walls, the home is at great risk of crumbling down. While one costly alternative is to raise the home and completely replace the foundation, there are also cost effective, permanent solutions available through Erickson Foundation Supportworks. Bowing walls, whether they be composed of concrete blocks or solid concrete with rebar, can be stabilized and in some cases even straightened. GeoLocks and PowerBraces are ideal solutions for home sellers who need to repair their bowing or leaning foundation walls, and can be installed quickly and efficiently. Find out more about these products here.

6. Lastly on our list above, is the issue of uneven or sinking concrete slabs and patios. A cracked and sinking garage floor, or an uneven pool patio, can sometimes make or break the sale of a home. Thinking of replacing the slab altogether? Keep in mind this is a costly, timely process requiring lots of materials and man hours. PolyLevel® is designed specifically to repair this type of problem. Polymer injection harnesses the expansive force of a structural grade geopolymer to provide fast concrete leveling, fill voids in soil and strengthen soil that has poor load-bearing qualities.

      Are you a realtor or home seller in New Hampshire or Massachusetts facing one of the foundation issues? Erickson Foundation Supportworks is a trusted member of the nationally recognized National Radon Defense network, and they have the training and experience to help with all aspects of foundation repair. As one of the fastest growing foundation repair specialist companies in New England, we've completed numerous repairs for property owners and families looking to permanently fix their foundations and complete the sale of their homes. 


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