Why Homeowners Should Get Their Foundations Inspected

Why homeowners should get their foundation inspected by trusted professionals

For homeowners, your home is a big investment and something that should be properly maintained. When it comes to your foundation, you’re talking about the structural support of your entire home. With that in mind, it’s important to consider the overall condition of the foundation and have it properly inspected, especially if there are any signs of failure or damage.

While there are several types of home repair projects that homeowners can handle themselves, foundation repair most likely does not fall into that category, and for several reasons. So let’s take a look at the importance of having foundation inspections and repairs completed by experienced professionals;

Foundation Repair Technicians

1. Many issues will not go away on their own

If you’ve ever found cracks in your foundation, it is unlikely they ever disappeared all on their own. Not only this, but the situation may become worse over time if it is not corrected in a timely fashion. It’s not uncommon for homeowners to have a number of projects on their to-do list, however when it comes to the homes foundation, it’s recommended to have the concern addressed sooner rather than later.

Case-study: Homeowners and customers of Erickson Foundation Supportworks, in Nashua, NH purchased a home in 2016. Unfortunately for them, the home was facing extreme settlement issues and had sagging floors and cracked foundation walls. With their investment literally sinking into the ground, they called for a free inspection and immediately scheduled work to be done to save their home. While waiting for our foundation repair specialists to begin their work, the homeowners heard cracks and saw noticeable signs of their home actively moving. For them, calling immediately was a must, and while this is an extreme issue, this just goes to show what can happen if repairs are put off longer than they should be. Read the full case study here.

2. DIY foundation repairs are not always realistic

It’s easy to think a crack seal job or lifting a sunken patio is an easy project after watching a DIY video. And there are DIY videos for everything these days. However, when it comes to foundation repair, a lot of the DIY videos are merely cosmetic repairs. They do not tackle the root of the problem, and simply show homeowners how to ‘make the crack look better’.  But as a homeowner, the important question to consider is, ‘what caused that crack to form in the first place’?

One example of a video aimed to teach homeowners how to ‘repair a crack’ that comes to mind is this one from This Old House. The contractor in this clip uses a mortar mix and makes the foundation wall look presentable again by essentially hiding the crack. The homeowner may feel good about the solution in this case, because it was quick and easy to do. But did he really seal the crack and fix the issue? The short answer, of course, is no. A simple patch like this will not prevent water from entering the basement, and does not even ask the question of what caused such a large crack to begin with. Before doing any such repairs to your foundation, it’s important to remember to do your research. The best solution to protect your investment is to call an experienced foundation repair expert. Inspections and quotes are free, and very much worth your time to receive.

 3. Experienced Professionals With the Right Tools

In line with why DIY is not realistic for foundation repair, is the fact that certain tools and machinery are needed for many repair projects. Crack seal projects can involve materials not available in big box tool stores. Settling foundation repair often requires helical piers and engineered systems. Similarly, supporting sagging beams and floors with flimsy posts from a big box store does not provide a long term, warrantied solution to the problem. 

In 2017, Erickson Foundation Supportworks installed a push pier system on a home in Londonderry, NH, because one section of the house's foundation was settling and cracking. When excavating on the perimeter in order to expose the homes foundation, it was discovered the home already had some piers installed. However, upon inspection, it was evident the piers were of low quality, and perhaps not placed correctly. Our piers were placed next to the existing ones, as well as in several other locations along the foundation. With the right tools and right installation, the home is now permanently stabilized. View this project by clicking here.

4. Gain Piece of Mind

Sometimes a crack in your foundation can be something drastic. Other times, it's in need of only a crack seal system to prevent water from entering. Either way, as a homeowner, it's a good idea to have your foundation inspected by a trusted company. 

Our mission as a family owned company is to repair homes and build lasting relationships with our customers. With great ratings and reviews, you can be confident that we will fix the problem successfully. Erickson Foundation Supportworks have been in business for over 38 years. As a company we are confident with our service and products, and our customers are too

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If you suspect there is something wrong with your home's foundation, call a trusted repair expert like Erickson Foundation Supportworks for a free inspection and free estimate.

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