Permitting For A Foundation Repair Project

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Foundation repair can be a scary topic to think about when you are the owner of your building or home. 

But in your research, you might have found that you will need a permit no matter the severity of the repair you need. We are here to tell you that it isn't anything to worry about. 

Is A Permit Required To Do Foundation Work?

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Simply put yes, but it is ultimately up to the town/city where the work is being performed in. Most cities and towns require building permits to make sure they have records of any changes that occur to a property. This process was implemented to ensure quality work is being performed and to ensure the work is up to code for the safety of its residents. 

Additionally, projects that need building permits usually affect property values, so this is an accurate way of tracking all home improvements and significant repairs done to properties. And before a permit can be closed out after the work has been completed a licensed inspector has to view the repair or improvement to make sure it was installed to code. 

The permit must be presented on a window or door at the front of the building or home not obstructed during the entire duration of the project. If a permit was not posted the job can be shut down until a permit is posted. 

How Long Does This Take?

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The time it takes to obtain a permit depends on the city or town in which the work is being done in. Additional information could be needed if the project needs a licensed engineer to examine the project for additional measurements and calculations needed for our foundation, wall support, or floor support products to be submitted with the application. A vast majority of the permits we apply for require an engineer to look at them. We find that the time frame we can expect to receive a permit is anywhere from 1 week to as long as 2 months. This time frame will depend on the size of the town and the permitting process.

The Erickson Way

To take as much off your plate as we can, we utilize our Permitting Coordinator to take on the responsibility of working with the towns and the engineer to create a permit application. As well as facilitating an inspection with the town to make sure your project is up to code with the town. 


If you are ready to start finding a solution for your foundation issues, please give us a call at 1-603-413-03287 to get scheduled for a free inspection. 

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