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Before and After Pictures from Amherst
Radon Mitigation System, Amherst, NH

Radon Mitigation System, Amherst, NH

Before After
Radon Mitigation System, Amherst, NH Radon Mitigation System, Amherst, NH

This homeowner in Amherst, New Hampshire reached out to Erickson Foundation Supportworks to talk about options for Radon Systems. The homeowners met with Design Specialist Paul Magowan on installing a Radon Mitigation System. After a date was set Scott Crandall and his crew went to the home and installed the Radon System. 

Radon Mitigation System, Amherst, NH

Radon Mitigation System, Amherst, NH

Before After
Radon Mitigation System, Amherst, NH Radon Mitigation System, Amherst, NH

This homeowner in Amherst, New Hampshire, has been living in their home for 10 years. A radon test was done in the home and the results came back with levels between 4.5-9.5. Design Specialist Paul Magowan proposed to the homeowners to install a radon system. Crew Lead Scott Crandall and his team installed a radon mitigation system into the home that permanently reduced the radon in the home. 

Water Leaking into Basement, Amherst, NH

Water Leaking into Basement, Amherst, NH

Before After
Water Leaking into Basement, Amherst, NH Water Leaking into Basement, Amherst, NH

Mark H. of Amherst, New Hampshire was experiencing water leaking into their basement for the past year. Mark is finishing the basement and doesn't want any more water leaking into the basement and threat ruining the basement when it's finished. Mark called Erickson Foundation Solutions to see if someone could come out and solve this reoccurring issue. 

Design Specialist Paul Magowan came to the home and inspected the area where water had been entering the basement. After Paul inspected the basement and the foundation wall he found where the water had been entering the basement. He proposed that EFS install Sentry Seal and some crushed stone to first stop water from coming through the foundation but to also help guide water away from the foundation. 

Crew Lead Nick Carrelli and his team came to the home and installed the Sentry Seal to the foundation and filled in 2' of crushed stone along the foundation wall. 

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Efficient Basement Waterproofing Services in Amherst, NH

I hired Erickson to help with a foundation leak, they came in and assessed what I needed and completed the...
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We had the concrete around the pool repaired and were very happy throughout the process.
Testimonial by Michele H. from Amherst, NH
Top notch company. I appreciated being a part of the process.
Testimonial by John D. from Amherst, NH

Trusted Home Improvement Company Serving Amherst, NH

The experts at Erickson Foundation Solutions have been keeping basements dry and foundations stable for over 40 years. They offer free estimates on all of their services including:

Services offered in Amherst and nearby:

  • Basement waterproofing
  • Foundation repair
  • Concrete repair
  • Crawlspace encapsulation

Crawl Space Encapsulation Experts

Your crawl spaces attract more than just junk and dust. It can attract moisture if poorly constructed or sealed, leaving an open invitation to more serious problems such as mold growth, pest infestations, and poor air quality. With leading and proven to last products and solutions, Erickson Foundation Solutions offers encapsulation and waterproofing services to keep water, spores, and creatures out of your crawl spaces for good.

Crawl Space Solutions in Amherst

  • Vapor barriers
  • Dehumidifiers
  • Drainage systems
  • Insulation
  • Vent covers
  • Doors and access wells
  • Support posts
  • And more!

Improve the air quality in your home while keeping your crawl space dry and efficient. Call today to book your free estimate!

Trusted Basement Waterproofing Solutions

It's vital to your home's health to keep basements dry. Wet basements can cause more than just odor and inconveniences. Leaky basements can cause foundation problems, rotting columns or joists, excessive dampness in your home, and other costly issues. As your local Basement Systems Dealer, you can put your trust in our experts to identify the issue and come up with a long-term solution to remove the water, then dry and filter the air using proven basement waterproofing products.

Basement Solutions

  • Basement Crack Repair
  • Egress Windows
  • Dehumidifiers
  • Wall Paneling
  • Vapor Barrier
  • Sump Pumps

Keep your basement dry, even during the rainy season. Call the experts at Erickson Foundation Solutions before the next big rain. Click below to fill out a simple online form.

Foundation & Concrete Repair Services in Amherst

Water can enter your home in many ways, whether through a leaky basement window or a roof leak. It can also enter through a poorly constructed foundation or cracked concrete slab. Your home is at risk if you have cracked or damaged garage floors, driveways, pool decks, steps, or sidewalks. That is a fall risk, but it also lowers your curb appeal and leads to pooling water. Erickson Foundation Solutions will repair and level sagging, cracked, crumbling concrete in and around your home with efficient, long-lasting solutions.

Concrete repair solutions offered:

  • Concrete lifting with lightweight PolyLevel®
  • Concrete sealing with one application of SealantPro™

Your foundation can be affected by poor soil quality, shifting soil, etc. Even newly constructed homes are vulnerable to foundation resettlement as housing developments loosen dirt and expand roads that cause the street to creep, putting pressure on your driveway, yard, and foundation. If you are experiencing any of the following signs, call the experts at Erickson Foundation Solutions today before the problem worsens:

  • Cracked brick
  • Sticking windows & doors
  • Cracked or bowing walls
  • Sagging floors
  • And more!

Contact Erickson Foundation Solutions today to schedule a free estimate and learn more about how their services can improve your home inside and out.

Job Stories From Amherst, NH
Sunroom Supports Sinking, Amherst, NH

A homeowner residing in Amherst, New Hampshire for the past 8 years noticed that their sunroom's floors were uneven around 2-3 years ago. Upon dropping a marble on the sunroom's floor, the homeowner observed the marble rolling toward the low corner of the room. Consequently, the homeowner contacted EFS for a free inspection of their sunroom. Our Design Specialist, Jason Vachon, inspected the sunroom and suggested the installation of 4 EZ Posts to replace the existing supports and level the floors.

Our Installation Team, led by Edward N., began by exposing the sunroom's supports and installing temporary supports. The team then removed the old supports and used the hydraulic drive head on our excavator to place the EZ Posts underneath the sunroom and stabilize it. After installing all the EZ Posts, our team leveled the floor using a laser. The homeowner was thrilled with the outcome of the project.

High Radon Levels in Newly Purchased Home, Amherst, NH

A recent homeowner in Amherst, New Hampshire bought their new home in late April. Prior to moving in, the home was tested for radon and the levels were found to be around 11 pCi/L. The homeowners decided to contact EFS to have a radon mitigation system installed. Isaac, our Design Specialist, met with the homeowner and conducted a thorough walkthrough of the property. Based on his assessment, Isaac designed a customized radon system for the home. 

Our installation team, led by Dillon Kingsbury, began by creating an extraction point in the basement next to the water heater. This extraction point would allow us to gather radon-filled air from beneath the foundation of the home. Subsequently, the team attached a PVC pipe to the extraction point and directed it toward the exterior of the property. Once the PVC pipe was extended outside, the team proceeded to install the radon fan. They then connected the PVC pipe to the radon fan and vented the entire system over the roofline of the home. 

After waiting for a week following the installation, the homeowner had the home tested for radon once again. The results showed that the levels averaged below 4.0 pCi/L. The new homeowners were thrilled with the outcome of the project.

Water Entering Finished Basement Causing Damage, Amherst, NH

A homeowner in Amherst, New Hampshire, had water enter their basement and ruin their finished basement. The homeowner had to hire someone to remove all of their flooring and most of their drywall in the basement because they were ruined. The homeowner had a sump pump in the basement but it couldn't keep up with the water and then failed. The homeowner started to call companies in the area that do waterproofing. They called EFS and booked an appointment with our Design Specialist Jason. Jason inspected the basement and found that the water was entering from an old cold joint. (a cold joint is a place on the foundation wall where the first layer of concrete sets up before the next layer is placed) Jason recommended installing 36' of WaterGuard and an UltraSump into the basement to prevent water from causing damage again. 

Our production team began by chipping out concrete at the base of the foundation wall around where the water was entering the basement. The team made the trench a couple of inches wide and deep enough to insert out WaterGuard. With the WaterGuard inserted into the trench, the team poured some crushed stone over the top to help with the filtration of debris from the water going through the drainage system. Once all the WaterGuard was installed, the team then inserted the UltraSump into the existing sump pump basin. To fit the Ultra Sump into the basin the team had to enlarge the basin slightly. The team performed a water test to ensure the drain and sump were working properly. Once tested and installed the team mixed concrete and began pouring concrete around the basin and over the WaterGuard to eliminate any tripping hazards. 

The homeowners were very pleased with the results of the project. 

Remodeling Home Need to Stabilize Floors, Amherst, NH

A homeowner in Amherst, New Hampshire, was remodeling their first-floor bathroom and wanted to ensure the floors could withstand more weight. The home was built in the 1700s so the homeowner just wanted to be safe than sorry. The homeowners decided to call EFS and our design specialist inspected the floors and recommended installing SmartJacks in the basement to add stability to the home's main level. The basement was half concrete and half dirt, so the team will have to use two different types of SmartJacks footings. 

Our production team began by measuring and marking where each SmartJack will be installed. The team then had to determine which footing they will use for each one. A total of 12 SmartJacks were installed in the basement, 5 SJs supported the first section of the main beam, 4 SJs stabilized the 2nd part of the main beam, and 3 SJs with 10' of the supplemental beam were installed under where the bathroom was being remodeled. To secure the SmartJacks the team had to dig either into the dirt or chip through the concrete in the basement. On the dirt side of the basement, the team laid engineered fill on the dirt and installed the SmartJacks with the big plates. While on the concrete side of the basement, the team had to chip out the concrete then remove some dirt and replace it with a mixture of rebar, engineered fill, and concrete to make a solid base for the SmartJack to rest on. Once the concrete base cured, the team installed either the small or large SJ plates onto the base and secured the SmartJack to the beam above. After the SJs were secured to the beams the team mixed more concrete and covered each of the footings in the concrete section of the basement with concrete to match the floor and to eliminate any tripping hazards. 

The homeowner was very pleased with the results of the projects. They can continue remodeling their home without worrying about the stability of their floors. 

Remodeling Home Need to Stabilize Floors, Amherst, NH - Photo 1
Crawlspace Encapsulation, Amherst, NH

A homeowner in Amherst, New Hampshire, had some issues in their crawlspace. Their crawlspace was damp and needed to replace some of the supports. The homeowner also wanted to store some of their belonging in the crawlspace but can't because any items left in there would get wet or destroyed. Our design specialist John recommended installing SmartJacks to replace some of the supports that were failing and then encapsulating the crawlspace. 

Our production team started by removing debris from the crawlspace and then removing the failing supports. The team started installing the SmartJacks by creating footings for each one. After the team created a footing for each SmartJack, they connected the SmartJacks to the main beam and lifted up on the floor to level them. Once the floor was leveled, the team began installing the Drainage Matting and CleanSpace into the crawlspace. The team first laid down the Drainage Matting which allowed water and air to travel underneath it. After the Drainage Matting was installed, the team then encapsulated the entire crawlspace in CleanSpace. Moist can't enter the crawlspace because of the CleanSpace moisture barrier.

The homeowners were happy with the results of the project. They no longer have to worry about moisture getting into their crawlspace and they can now use the crawlspace to store items. 

Crawlspace Encapsulation, Amherst, NH - Photo 1
PowerBraces and SmartJack Installation, Amherst, NH

A home that was built in 2020 has a crack in the foundation and water is entering the basement from the crack. The homeowner would like to repair the wall and make sure the wall doesn't leak anymore. Homeowner in the future would like to have the basement finished and wants to make sure no water is coming into the basement. They called Erickson Foundation Solutions for a free inspection. 

A Design Specialist inspected the home and found where the water was entering the basement. While taking some measurements of the wall the Design Specialist found that the wall has a slight bow to it. The specialist measured the bow in the wall to be around 1". To ensure that the wall won't continue to bow in the Design Specialist recommended installing PowerBraces along the entire wall. Another area that the Design Specialist looked at was the main beam in the basement. The beam appeared to be sagging slightly. Again, the Design Specialist measured and found that the beam was sagging between .25"-.375" which is a lot for a 2-year-old home. To counteract the bow in the main support beam EFS recommended installing SmartJacks under the support beam. 

The EFS crew installed 9 PowerBraces and 4 SmartJacks into the basement. 

Garage Slab Repour, Amherst, NH

This homeowner in Amherst, New Hampshire was looking to sell their home within the next year. They have family that lives in another state and wanted to be closer to them. Before they could put their home on the market, they had to address the big crack in their garage slab. They feared the crack in the concrete would concern potential buyers. They decided to call Erickson Foundation Solutions for a free inspection. 

Design Specialist Stephen Caron inspected the crack in the garage and recommended two options; sealing the crack, or chipping out the whole slab and pouring a new one. While sealing the crack would be effective in preventing water from flowing beneath, the homeowners decided on pouring a new slab. Their main goal was to have a new looking surface that would appeal to buyers.

Crew Lead Nick Carelli and his team were on site for all the demo and removal of the old concrete slab, as well as for pouring and smoothing out the new slab. 

Garage Slab Repour, Amherst, NH - Photo 1Garage Slab Repour, Amherst, NH - Photo 2
Radon Mitigation System, Amherst, NH

This homeowner in Amherst, New Hampshire recently moved into a new home. They had a radon mitigation system in their previous home. They are aware of radon and the negative effects it has. They decided to call EFS for a free inspection. 

Design Specialist Justin Wenners inspected the home and addressed the concerns of the homeowners. The homeowners have a friend that had cancer twice and found out that radon had been present and the friends didn't know. Justin designed a radon system for their home. 

Crew Lead Dillion Kingbury and his team came to the home and installed the radon mitigation system. 

Lots of Moisture in Dirt Basement, Amherst, NH

Eleanor S. of Amherst, New Hampshire was experiencing a lot of moisture in her dirt basement. Eleanor decided to call Erickson Foundation Solutions for a free inspection. 

Design Specialist Michael Bradley arrived at the home and inspected the basement. He suggested to Eleanor that she install a Fast Drain System and a Sani Dry system into her dirt basement. Both of these products will aid in removing moisture from the basement. 

Crew Lead Ed Nadreau and his team came to the home and installed 65 feet of Fast Drain and a Sani Dry system into the basement. 

Waterproofing Basement, Amherst, NH

Jennifer H. of Amherst, New Hampshire, was experiencing water leaking into her basement every time it rained. The water would collect in the same area consistently.

Design Specialist John Merna inspected the basement to narrow down where the water was coming through. He concluded that the water was entering from the bulkhead door. He proposed that they seal the area where the floor meets the wall near the bulkhead. Also, he proposed installing a vapor guard called CleanSpace to the wall near the bulkhead. 

Crew Lead Scott Crandall and his team came to the home and sealed the area around the bulkhead and installed Cleanspace in the same area to prevent any water from entering the basement again. 


Waterproofing Basement, Amherst, NH - Photo 1

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