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Before and After Pictures from Worcester County
PolyWall Restoration Installed on Fieldstone Foundation, Oakham, MA

PolyWall Restoration Installed on Fieldstone Foundation, Oakham, MA

Before After
PolyWall Restoration Installed on Fieldstone Foundation, Oakham, MA PolyWall Restoration Installed on Fieldstone Foundation, Oakham, MA

A homeowner in Oakham, Massachusetts, had found that their fieldstone foundation was crumbling. They decided to call EFS for a free inspection and our Senior Design Specialist Matt inspected the foundation and recommended installing PolyLevel Wall Restoration and PowerBraces on the fieldstone foundation. 

The team used the PowerBraces to add extra support to the interior of the fieldstone wall. Once the team installed the PowerBraces the team then began spraying the foundation wall with PolyLevel Wall Restoration to seal the wall. 

Concrete Leveling and Repairs, Upton, MA

Concrete Leveling and Repairs, Upton, MA

Before After
Concrete Leveling and Repairs, Upton, MA Concrete Leveling and Repairs, Upton, MA

This before and after series highlights a section of a concrete driveway our team repaired in Upton, Massachusetts. The driveway was riddled with cracks, and was uneven throughout the surface. Our concrete repair specialists cleaned up this corner of the driveway with a pressure washer, injected PolyLevel to lift, level, and stabilize the slab, and sealed all the cracks and joints with NexusPro. Not only was the concrete fixed (no demolition required!), but it is also protected for years to come against future settlement concerns.


Concrete Walkway Repair, Sterling, MA

Concrete Walkway Repair, Sterling, MA

Before After
Concrete Walkway Repair, Sterling, MA Concrete Walkway Repair, Sterling, MA

This homeowners walkway had settled due to the soil beneath it eroding away over time. This ultimately led to the concrete sinking and cracking. Our team stabilized the sunken concrete around the home, and also sealed the cracks with NexusPro. By sealing up the cracks with a silicone based caulking, rain water can no longer flow beneath and cause more erosion. 

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Durable Foundation Repair in Worcester County, MA: Concrete Lifting & Radon Mitigation

Nick and Joe (who work for Erickson Foundation Solutions ) came out to raise it back to the right level,...
Happy Customers Surrounding Worcester County, MA

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Reviews From Worcester County
Testimonials From Worcester County
It was a lot of work over several weeks, but they finished the project on time and BELOW our initial budget...
Testimonial by Erin M. from Lancaster, MA

Erickson Foundation Solutions has been the trusted, local professionals to call in Worcester County, MA, for foundation repairs, concrete repair, radon mitigation, basement crack repair and even crawl space repair. Our in-house team of expert engineers know how to properly determine and repair the structural issues you are going through. Whether you have water in your basement or your crawl space, or need concrete lifting, leveling or foundation structural repair, we have your back. We provide a 25-year written warranty for all of our foundation products. With the professionals at Erickson Foundation Solutions, you can feel safe knowing that your repairs are in good hands.

Foundation Repair Contractor Worcester County, MA

No one wants to have to go through structural and foundation repairs, but there are times where you shouldn’t wait any longer and call the trusted local professionals Erickson Foundation Solutions, to get your job done the right way. Our products are designed and tested by Supportworks, Inc.; an international network of more than 100 skilled structural repair contractors. We are the areas only company equipped to fix your repairs with these products. Some of the repairs we take on are:

  • Bowing Walls
  • Sagging Floors
  • Stair-Step Cracks
  • Tilting Chimneys
  • Foundation Cracks
  • Garage Slabs

Worcester County, MA Local Concrete Leveling Expert

Sunken and cracked concrete around your home is not only an eyesore but is also a safety hazard. As time goes by, if the problem isn’t corrected, it will only get worse. However, you have no reason to fret when you have the professionals at Erickson Foundation Solutions doing the work. Our experts use PolyLevel, a strong, and durable foam material to lift your concrete slabs back into place. We drill small holes into the slab where the foam is injected and expands, raising the concrete into place. Many other contractors will use mudjacking, but our method doesn’t disturb the area, takes less drying time, and is more affordable.

After repairing your concrete, consider a durable concrete sealant that extends the life of your slabs by 3 to 5 times overall in just one quick application. Our SealantPro concrete sealant bonds with concrete on a molecular level to protect slabs against oil, gasoline, water, debris, and more. Whether you have new slabs or existing slabs, SealantPro will work for you! We also offer a translucent tinted concrete sealer, DecoShield, which adds a unique visual appeal to your home's slabs while preventing pitting, flaking, cracks, and other moisture-related issues.

Our Concrete Repair Solutions:

  • SealantPro™ Concrete Sealing
  • DecoShield™ Concrete Sealer
  • Sidewalk Repair
  • Pool Deck Repair
  • Concrete Driveway Repair
  • Mudjacking

The benefits of PolyLevel®:

  • Non-invasive installation
  • Quick application & curing
  • Clean &precise lifting
  • Adjustable & durable for loads of all sizes

Contact us today to schedule a free concrete leveling estimate for your Worcester County home or commercial property!

Get in contact with us today and get your FREE concrete leveling and concrete sealing estimate!

Crawl space repair contractor in Worcester County, MA

The crawl space is often an underappreciated part of the home that often gets issues with mold. Since it is more often an out of sight out of mind, when problems occur with your crawl space it can easily have wide-ranging effects on the entire home. This is especially true since many older crawl spaces were vented due to mistaken beliefs about home construction. These vents make it easy for mold and rot to occur, causing issues throughout the home like uneven floors, foul smells, worsened allergy symptoms, and more.

Crawl Space Repair Services Offered in Worcester County, MA:

  • Crawl space vapor barrier
  • Crawl space waterproofing
  • Crawl space dehumidification
  • Crawl space support posts
  • Crawl space insulation
  • And more!

If you are noticing any of these issues then our experts can help. We offer a wide range of crawl space repair services designed to help your home including encapsulation, waterproofing, insulation, and more. Contact us today to schedule your free estimate!

Radon Gas Mitigation Systems

Radon gas is colorless, odorless, and as cancer-causing as to//bacco and asbestos. Radon gas is produced from the decaying of rocks and soil and comes up from the ground into your crawlspace and basements. The way our radon mitigation systems works in a pipe collects the gases that are coming from the soil. The gas is then piped upwards where a depressurization vent forces the radon out from your home. Our radon mitigation system is completely compatible with the current waterproofing system in your home. Get in contact with us now to learn how to protect your loved ones from the harmful effects of radon gas.

Radon and Indoor Air Quality Services Provided in Worcester County, MA:

  • Radon Testing and Inspections
  • Radon Mitigation and Abatement
  • Indoor Air Quality Testing

Basement Crack Repair

At any stage of your home when water starts to leak, it can lead to serious flooding and serious damage. So when it starts to leak in your basement, act fast. Erickson Foundation Solutions understands how all different types of basement leaks are caused, which is why we provide fast and efficient solutions to handle every source of wall and floor leaks. we also offer egress windows and dehumidifiers

To get a free estimate on basement leaking solutions and crack repair services, call us at 1-855-239-3489 or click below!

Job Stories From Worcester County, MA
Radon Mitigation System, Plaistow, NH

This homeowner in Plaistow, New Hampshire has children that have recently settled in Texas. They would like to sell their home in Plaistow and move out to Texas to be near their kids. They wanted to do some inexpensive upgrades to their home to make sure they got top dollar when they decided to sell. One of the upgrades on the list was a radon mitigation system. The homeowners knew that there were moderately high radon levels in the home. They decided to call EFS for a free inspection. A couple of days before their appointment a representative from EFS arrived at the home to drop off a radon test. The test will examine the air for the next 48 hours and report on the radon levels in the home. 

Design Specialist Brian Swindell inspected the home for visible signs of radon, like small cracks in the wall or the slab. Brian had found some crack on the slab in the basement that would need to be sealed. Brian then went over the test results with the homeowners. The result of the radon test showed that the radon levels in the home are above 10 pCi/L. Brian recommended installing a radon mitigation system into the home to get the radon levels as low as possible. 

Crew Lead Dillon Kingsbury and his team installed the radon mitigation system into the home and sealed the cracks in the slab to ensure no radon can seep up through the floor. 

Water Collected in Back Corner of the Garage, Worcester, MA

This homeowner in Worcester, Massachusetts was experiencing water coming off of their vehicles and collecting in the back corner of the garage. They decided to call EFS for a free inspection. 

Design Specialist Kenny Calabrese inspected the garage. Kenny used a laser level to see if the garage slab had sagged in any places. He had found that the whole slab had sunk to one corner. To counteract the sunken corner, Kenny recommended injecting PolyLevel under the slab to lift the slab and create a slop for the water to run off away from the home. 

Crew Lead Nick Melo and his team arrived at the home and injected the PolyLevel into the slab. They lifted the slab and created a slope of a couple of degrees to allow the water to run off into the driveway. 

Garage Settling, North Grafton

A homeowner in North Grafton, Massachusetts, had a 3-car garage that was settling. After living in the home for four years, they noticed the settlement in the garage last year. The homeowner wants to protect their garage from further settlement. The homeowner would also like to have the chipped pieces of concrete repaired. Our design specialist examined the garage bays and recommended installing PolyLevel to counteract the settlement. 

Our production team drilled little ports in a grid pattern over the garage floor. The team then used the Poly Spray gun to inject Poly under the slab. The crew used NexusPro and a concrete patch to seal the garage and fix the chipped concrete. The homeowners were happy with the results of the project. 

Leaning Retaining Wall, Ashburnham, MA

This home on Stodge Meadow Pond in Ashburnham, MA was up on a hillside overlooking the water. The backyard of the home that ran down towards the pond was contained and propped up by a very large, 12' high concrete retaining wall. Over the years as rain waters and melting snow kept saturating the soils, the dirt became very heavy and gradually kept applying pressure against the retaining wall. Eventually the wall cracked in several locations and began to lean. Beneath the retaining wall further down the hill, the neighbors home and property was at risk of being damaged if this concrete retaining wall did eventually collapse or break.

Our design specialist proposed wall anchors to stabilize the wall. The homeowner agreed to move forward with the project before the situation got worse, and our production team got to work. 

The team had to lightly excavate the top side of the retaining wall in order to secure the anchors within the soils on the homeowners property. Then down below the wall, large rods were inserted into the wall and pushed through until they met the anchors deep in the soil up above. The steel rods were then anchored to the concrete retaining wall with large steel plates. In total, 12 wall anchors were installed along the length of the 36' wall. With these anchors in place, the retaining wall was completely stabilized and no longer at risk of leaning any further. The last step of the project entailed covering all the anchor plates on the wall with plastic covers. This gave the system more of a finishing touch so the neighbors did not have to look at large steel plates on the wall. 

Both the neighbor and the homeowner were glad to have completed this much needed wall stabilization before the problem got worse.

Leaning Retaining Wall, Ashburnham, MA - Photo 1Leaning Retaining Wall, Ashburnham, MA - Photo 2
Lifting Uneven Slab, Holden, MA

This homeowner in Holden, MA reached out to Erickson Foundation Solutions to determine the best way to fix his sloping concrete patio. The slab had settled a little bit where it adjoined the back of the house and a sliding door. Rain water always drained towards the home and was getting beneath the frame of the door. Our production team was successfully able to lift the concrete patio by filling the voids beneath the slab and raising it so that the water now drains away from the home. 

To achieve this, the team first determined the best locations on the surface of the slab to drill through with a 1/4" drill bit to create port holes. They then used slab jacks on the edge of the slab to slightly lift the concrete to the desired location. To keep the slab in this position by filling the voids beneath the concrete, PolyLevel was injected through the port holes and into the soils beneath, where the foam quickly expanded and stabilized the concrete.

The homeowner was pleased with the quickness of the installation and the cleanliness of the work. 

Lifting Uneven Slab, Holden, MA - Photo 1Lifting Uneven Slab, Holden, MA - Photo 2Lifting Uneven Slab, Holden, MA - Photo 3
Section of Pool Deck Has Sunk, Worcester, MA

A homeowner in Worcester, Massachusetts, had a section of the pool deck that was sinking. The homeowner has a party at their home every year for labor day weekend and would like to have it repaired so no one will trip on the concrete and get hurt. Our design specialist Isaac examined the pool deck and recommended lifting the sunken section of concrete with PolyLevel. 

Crew lead Tyler and his crew began the repair process by drilling port holes into the concrete. The team attached a slab jack to the concrete and proceeded to use bottle jacks and a strong I-beam to lift the slab. The team was able to lift the slab using the slab jacks, they sprayed PolyLevel under the slab to lift and level the slab precisley. The team lifted the concrete slab back up to its original position. The homeowners were very pleased to eliminate the tripping hazard before their labor day party. 

Section of Pool Deck Has Sunk, Worcester, MA - Photo 1
Sinking Pool Deck, Harvard, MA

A homeowner in Harvard, Massachusetts, had noticed their pool deck was sinking. The homeowner used their pool often and wanted to ensure there weren't any tripping hazards making the pool area unsafe. Our design specialist Isaac recommended installing PolyLevel to restore the concrete to its original height. 

Our PolyLevel crew started by drilling small port holes into each slab. The port holes are used to inject PolyLevel under the slab. To lift the slab effectively the team used the slab jacks and PolyLevel in tandem to precisely move the slab back to level. While the slab jacks created a slight void the PolyLevel fills the void and lifts the slab to the desired height. The team raised the 4 slabs around the pool up about .5"- 1" each. After all the slabs were leveled, the team cleaned up the site and sealed all the port holes on each slab.

The homeowners were very happy with the lifting of the pool deck. Now homeowners can use their pool without the fear of someone tripping and hurting themselves. 

Sinking Pool Deck, Harvard, MA - Photo 1
Pool Deck Repair, Barre, MA

A homeowner in Barre, Massachusetts, had purchased their childhood home. The home had been in the family for 30 years but the current homeowners have lived in the home for about 10 years. During the 10 years, the homeowner noticed some sinking and cracking slabs around the pool that they would like to repair. Near the entrance of the pool, the concrete had sunk enough to cause a tripping hazard. They decided to call EFS for a free inspection and our design specialist recommended installing PolyLevel and NexusPro around the edge of the pool closest to the porch. 

Our production team began by drilling portholes near the stair of the pool. After the team used the portholes to inject PolyLevel underneath each slab to lift and level them. After the slabs near the stairs of the pool were lifted and leveled, the team began sealing the cracks around the pool. The team used NexusPro to fill in all of the cracks and prevent water from washing out the dirt underneath the concrete. 

The homeowners were pleased with the repair of their pool deck. The team eliminated the tripping hazard near the steps of the pool and sealed all of the cracks. 

Pool Deck Repair, Barre, MA - Photo 1
Crawlspace Waterproofing, Fitchburg, MA

This homeowner in Fitchburg, MA was concerned with the moisture in their crawlspace. Most of the crawlspace area was comprosed of various heights of granite ledge. This ledge made the space difficult to utilize, as well as maintain. Water was come up through cracks in the floor, as well as run in along the ledge and create small streams. The collecting moisture was creating poor air quality and would eventually lead to mold forming on the insulation of the floor above. 

Our team proposed and installed a perimeter waterproofing system, completed with a sump pump to remove the collecting water. The ledge was also encapsulated with a CleanSpace vapor barrier in order to contain the moisture in the space. 

Crawlspace Waterproofing, Fitchburg, MA - Photo 1Crawlspace Waterproofing, Fitchburg, MA - Photo 2
Strengthening Floors and Converting Dirty Crawlspace to Clean Storage Area, Leominster, MA

A homeowner in Leominster, Massachusetts, purchased their late 1800s home last year. They recently inspected the house, and the inspector mentioned the floors had a slope. Since the inspection, the homeowners feel the slope in the floor. The homeowners have a dirt floor crawlspace under their home that doesn't allow them to store anything in there and their garage was being used as a storage space instead of a place to park their cars. They decided to call EFS for a free inspection of their home. Our Design Specialist Michael inspected the home and crawlspace and came to the same conclusion as the inspector. Michael recommended a potential solution for both their issues, SmartJacks to repair the slope in the floors, and CleanSpace to encapsulate their crawlspace to convert it into a storage space. 

Our production team began by installing 9 SmartJacks in the crawlspace. They first installed engineered fill and a footing over the dirt to create a solid and level base. Next, the team measured and cut the steam beams to the correct size and connected them to the footings. After they were all connected to the footings the team then attached the adjustable top bracket to the steel beam and then connected the bracket to the main beam above. Once all of the SmartJacks were installed the team then began to tighten each top bracket to slowly lift up the floor. Next, the team moved on to installing CleanSpace in the crawlspace. The team laid big sheets of white CleanSpace throughout the dirt crawlspace. They combined the sheets with CleanSpace tape to fully encapsulate the crawlspace. 

The homeowner was very happy with the results of the project. They were able to now use the crawlspace as a storage space allowing them to use their garage for their cars and their floor are no longer sloping. 

Bulging Fieldstone in Basement, Fitchburg, MA

A homeowner in Fitchburg, Massachusetts, lives in a home that was built in the 1920s and recently has noticed some bulging in their fieldstone foundation near their sewer cleanout. They decided to call EFS for a free inspection. Our Design Specialist Isaac recommended installing PolyLevel Wall Restoration in the corner near the sewer cleanout. 

Our team brought our PolyLevel rig down to Fitchburg and set up the hose in the basement to spray the bulging wall. Our team sprayed the 8' section of the fieldstone foundation with PolyLevel Wall Restoration to prevent further bulging of the foundation wall. 

The homeowners were pleased with the project. They were able to start redoing the siding on the exterior of the home. 

Storage Room Needed to be Lifted, Holden, MA

A homeowner in Holden, Massachusetts, has a storage room off of their garage that they wanted to have the concrete slab looked at. The homeowners wanted to find a way to use the room for other than storage so they reached out to EFS for a free inspection. Our Design Specialist Isaac recommended installing PolyLevel under the slab in the storage room to lift and level it. Additionally, Isaac recommended using NexusPro to seal all of the cracks on the slab. 

Our Installation Team began by drilling small injection port holes into the slab. The team will then use the port holes to inject PolyLevel beneath to lift and level the slab. Once the team lifted and leveled the slab the team will then use NexusPro to seal all of the cracks on the slab. 

The homeowner was pleased with the solution that EFS provided. The homeowners can now use the storage room for things other than storage if they would like. 

Front Stair Tripping Hazard, Gardner, MA

This homeowner in Gardner, MA needed to find a solution to the sunken concrete step outside his front door. His guests and family were tripping due to the height of the step after the concrete had settled about an inch. The homeowner was impressed by Erickson's PolyLevel solution for lifting and leveling concrete. Our specialist, Kenny Calabrese, proposed the ideal solution, which lifted and leveled the step without any disruption to the concrete or the surrounding area. Installation took less than a day by Nick Melo and Joe Rosato, and the front stair and walkway were able to be used within minutes of installation. The homeowner was very pleased to have a safe entrance way for his family. 

Front Stair Tripping Hazard, Gardner, MA - Photo 1
Pool Patio Repair, Templeton, MA

These homeowners in Templeton, MA were planning to resurface their pool patio deck with a new covering. However, while seeking design ideas with contractors, they discovered the pool patio was too uneven to safely apply a new surface, and still have it look good. They needed to level their concrete. 

In searching for a solution, they came across Erickson Foundation Solutions and were interested in our concrete lifting and leveling services. Our specialist, Isaac Hernandez, proposed and designed the ideal solution for them, in PolyLevel. Instead of removing any concrete or any type of heavy demolition, our PolyLevel application allows the homeowner a quick, and permanent solution. 

Our production team was able to complete the concrete lifting project in less than a day for the homeowners. They were also able to walk on the concrete, or even apply heavy objects to it, within 15 minutes of installation. They were thrilled to have a lifted and stable concrete patio, and excited to move forward with the remainder of their patio renovation project.

Pool Patio Repair, Templeton, MA - Photo 1Pool Patio Repair, Templeton, MA - Photo 2Pool Patio Repair, Templeton, MA - Photo 3Pool Patio Repair, Templeton, MA - Photo 4
Concrete Slab Jacking, Worcester, MA

The owner of this home in Worcester, MA was concerned with the condition of the concrete around their property. They had a concrete walkway that wrapped around one corner of the home and served as an entrance area to their pool shed. The slab had become uneven and had started to form cracks, which meant voids were forming beneath the concrete and causing it to settle.

The homeowner chose PolyLevel as their solution, as it was the most clean and efficient method for making the repairs they needed. PolyLevel is a slab jacking process that utilizes a polymer foam as an alternative to the messy and heavy mudjacking material. 

Our repair specialists drilled dime sized holes throughout the concrete sections, and pinpointed exactly where they needed to lift and support. The lift and level process took less than a day, and the homeowners were able to continue using their backyard and concrete surface immediately. 

Concrete Slab Jacking, Worcester, MA - Photo 1Concrete Slab Jacking, Worcester, MA - Photo 2Concrete Slab Jacking, Worcester, MA - Photo 3
Pool Deck Repair, Westborough, MA

The homeowners of this property in Westborough, MA were concerned with the condition of the concrete patio surrounding their inground pool. Over the years, the deck had gradually settled in various places, and a large crack formed near the stairs. This crack had become a nuisance, and the owners wanted peace of mind with knowing family and friends would not be tripping or stubbing bare toes on this large crack in the concrete. 

While discussing replacing the concrete with new material, they also came across Erickson Foundation Solutions and PolyLevel as an option. During the free inspection process, the owners were convinced PolyLevel was the ideal fix, as it would prevent them from having to demolish and remove large sections of concrete, and replace it with new. New concrete would not match in color to other sections, and a project of that size would also cost quite a bit. 

Our concrete specialists, Joe and Nick, arrived on the morning of the scheduled project and were able to complete the repairs to the pool deck in a single day. PolyLevel successfully filled the various voids beneath the slabs and lifted the pool deck as much as an inch in some places. Where there was once a large crack and trip hazard, was now stabilized and even. The cracks and joints were sealed with NexusPro, a silicone based sealant designed for outdoor conditions, and the repairs were complete. The owners were very pleased with the results and are looking forward to enjoying their pool area without worrying about cracks or stubbed toes.

Pool Deck Repair, Westborough, MA - Photo 1Pool Deck Repair, Westborough, MA - Photo 2Pool Deck Repair, Westborough, MA - Photo 3Pool Deck Repair, Westborough, MA - Photo 4Pool Deck Repair, Westborough, MA - Photo 5
Tripping Hazard at Pool, Lunenburg, MA

This homeowner in Lunenburg, MA was concerned with a number of tripping hazards at various sections of his concrete deck around his inground pool. Concrete slab sections abutted a perimeter of pool coping blocks, and at some of these locations the concrete had settled. This meant somebody could stub a toe near the edge of the water, and possibly stumble into the pool. Rather than demolish and replace the uneven concrete, the homeowner wanted a solution to simply lift the slab to remove the hazard.

Our team proposed PolyLevel as the ideal solution, as no removal of concrete would be necessary, and the installation process does not involve any disruption to the surrounding landscaping of the yard. 

Our concrete repair specialists arrived on time on the schedule day for the project, and were able to complete installation of PolyLevel in just a few hours. The concrete was successfully lifted to the desired height for the homeowner, and the tripping hazards will no longer be a concern. 

Tripping Hazard at Pool, Lunenburg, MA - Photo 1Tripping Hazard at Pool, Lunenburg, MA - Photo 2
100-Year-Old Home has High Radon Levels, Berlin, MA

A resident of Berlin, Massachusetts, lives in an antique home that underwent a radon test recently. The results revealed higher levels than the homeowners had expected. As a result, they enlisted EFS to conduct an inspection of their dwelling. Our Design Specialist, Liam FitzPatrick, assessed the property and devised a plan to reduce the radon levels. Liam suggested fitting a radon mitigation system, Drainage Matting, and CleanSpace to decrease the amount of radon in the home. 

Our Installation Team, led by Dillon Kingsbury, started the process by creating an extraction point in the slab. This point would allow us to attach a PVC pipe to it and draw up radon-filled air from beneath the home's foundation. The PVC pipe would then transport the radon to the exterior of the house, where the radon fan attached to the home's exterior would push the air above the roofline, allowing it to dissipate into the open air. The team also added Drainage Matting and CleanSpace to the basement, which would cover the walls and floors and prevent radon from seeping into the home through other areas of the basement's slab. 

The homeowner was relieved when they conducted another radon test after the project was completed, and the radon levels had fallen below the recommended amount.

Moldy and Gross Crawlspace Needed Attention, Harvard, MA

This homeowner in Harvard, Massachusetts, had a gross and moldy crawlspace that they would like encapsulated. The homeowners called EFS for a free inspection of their crawlspace. Our Design Specialist Tom Armano met with the homeowners and inspected the crawlspace. Tom recommended encapsulating the space with CleanSpace and Rim Joist Insulation, as well as Drainage Matting, SilverGlo, and TerraBlock underneath the encapsulation for added protection. 

Our Installation Team led by Steve Dumais began by cleaning out any debris from inside the crawlspace. While they were clearing out debris they also resecured some of the falling insulation. Next, the team installed the Drainage Matting and Terrablock onto the crawlspace floors and installed the SilverGlo on the walls. After those were secured the team then installed CleanSpace over both the floors and the walls. After the CleanSpace was installed the team then sprayed our Rim Joist Insulation right above the CleanSpace to fully encapsulate the crawlspace. Lastly, the team installed our SaniDry Sedona which is a high-strength dehumidifier that will control the humidity. The homeowners have the ability to set the humidity to whatever they would like.

1920s Home Has Settling Floors, Shrewsbury, MA

This homeowner in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts, lives in a home that was built in the 1920s. They purchased the home two years ago and the home inspector that did their inspection told them the floors on the main floor were sagging because of the supports in the basement. The homeowner after two years of living in the home decided to call EFS for a free inspection of the supports and floor system in the basement.  Our Design Specialist Keith Soper met with the homeowner and inspected the supports in the basement. He recommended installing 7 SmartJacks to replace the old supports and stabilize the floor system to eliminate the sagging in the basement. 

Our Installation Team led by Eric Witham began by setting up temporary posts in the basement so we could remove the old supports. After we removed the old supports the team chipped out concrete so we could install our footings for the SmartJacks. We made sure to level the footing before we cut the galvanized steel supports to size. Once cut to the correct the team installed an adjustable top bracket to the support and to the main beam of the floor system. After all of the SmartJacks were installed to the floor system we then used the adjustable top bracket to lift up on the floor system and eliminate the sag in the floors. The team made sure the floors were level by using a laser level. After the team achieved a level floor or as close as possible the team then mixed up concrete and poured it over the footing of the SmartJacks to lock them into place. 

The homeowners were very pleased with the installation of the SJs. 

1920s Home Has Settling Floors, Shrewsbury, MA - Photo 1
Fixing Concrete Pool Patio, Webster, MA

The owner of this pool had been dealing with uneven concrete and trip hazards in the concrete patio for several years. They noticed the problem was getting worse, the area was becoming unsafe, and the voids under the slabs were allowing rainwater to be pushing against and destroying the pool liner. Rather than demolish all the concrete and replace the entire patio, they were thrilled to learn our Erickson team had alternative solutions. After inspection, it was determined PolyLevel and NexusPro would be the ideal fix, and our team was hired for the repairs. 

Over the course of 4 days, our team grinded and cleaned out all the cracks and joints, lifted and leveled the uneven concrete sections, stabilized the entire patio with PolyLevel, and resealed all the joints and cracks with NexusPro sealant. 

The transformation of the patio was amazing, as all the trip hazards were removed and the pool area was once again a safe environment for the homeowner. They were very pleased with the results and the solution our Erickson team was able to provide.

Fixing Concrete Pool Patio, Webster, MA - Photo 1Fixing Concrete Pool Patio, Webster, MA - Photo 2Fixing Concrete Pool Patio, Webster, MA - Photo 3
Pool Deck Repair, Templeton, MA

This homeowner in Templeton, MA was concerned with the condition of the concrete surrounding his inground pool. Over the years, several cracks had appeared on the surface due to voids forming beneath the concrete. Rain waters had been moving the soils which eventually left them unsupported and susceptible to settlement. The two main concerns for the homeowner were taking care of the trip hazards, and preventing the problems from getting worse. 

The design specialist for our Erickson Foundation Solutions team provided them with a through inspection and proposal, laying out exactly how our team could not only fix the problem, but offer protection against further settlement going forward. Pleased with what they learned, our team was hired for the project. 

On the scheduled day of installation, our production specialists got right to work laying out their injection patterns. They quickly identified where PolyLevel was going to be needed for injection, and made their tiny, dime sized port holes. As the PolyLevel, polymer foam expanded beneath the concrete, it successfully lifted the sections that had sunken or settled. The process was quick and efficient, and required no disruption to the landscaping surrounding the pool. While some sections were lifted, others were stabilized to prevent any future settlement or cracking concerns. With this protection in place, the homeowner felt assured the concrete around their pool was in good shape going forward, and the patio was now much safer for his family.

Pool Deck Repair, Templeton, MA - Photo 1
Vertical Crack in Foundation Wall, Fitchburg, MA

A homeowner in Fitchburg, Massachusetts purchased their home in October 2022. The previous homeowner informed them about a vertical crack on the back of the garage foundation. Concerned about the issue worsening, the new homeowner contacted EFS for a free inspection of their foundation. The Design Specialist, Mark Proctor, met with the homeowners and thoroughly inspected both the inside and outside of the foundation. During the inspection, he discovered a crack in the back of the garage and also noticed that the back wall was bowing outwards, which was causing the crack to expand every year. Following the inspection, Mark recommended installing 3 Geolocks at the back of the garage to stabilize and straighten the foundation wall. The installation team, led by Eric Witham, began the process by creating a trench in the garage and installing the 3 Geolocks into the trench, and extending them to the back foundation wall of the garage. They chipped out a trench 10' from the wall, running parallel to the back wall, so they could install the Geolocks into the trench and onto the outside foundation wall. The team then drilled 3 small holes into the foundation wall so they could send galvanized rods through the foundation wall and into the trench. They installed plates on both sides of the rods and then tightened both ends of the rod. By tightening the rod, the plates were able to grab onto the soil and the wall, initiating the process of straightening the wall. After the wall was straightened, the team filled the trench and poured concrete to match the garage slab. The homeowner was very pleased with the installation of the Geolocks.

Replacing Supports in Basement With SmartJacks, Worcester, MA

This homeowner in Worcester, Massachusetts, was built in the early 1900s. The homeowners were tackling projects around their home so they could sell it in a few years. The supports in the basement needed to be replaced so the homeowner decided to call EFS for a free inspection of their basement. Our Design Specialist Mark Proctor met with the homeowner and inspected the supports in the basement. Mark recommended replacing them with 4 SmartJacks. This will help stabilize the floor system for many years to come. 

Our Installation Team led by Steve began by chipping out concrete so we could install our big footings for the 4 SmartJacks. Once chipped out the team installed our big footings and made sure our footings were level before we installed the SmartJack to the main beam. After securing the SmartJacks to the main the team double-checked that the supports were level and straight up and down. This will ensure that the supports can't move. After everything was double-checked the team then mixed up concrete and poured it over the footings to lock them into place. 

After the concrete was cured the team did a walkthrough with the homeowner to show them the SmartJacks. The homeowners were very pleased with the results of the project and were able to move onto the next project in their home. 

Front Stair Settlement, Gardner, MA

A homeowner in Gardner, Massachusetts has been living in their house for the past ten years. During this time, they noticed that their front steps were settling away from the house, causing them some concern. The homeowner decided to call EFS for a free inspection of the stairs. Our Design Specialist, Tom Armano, met with the homeowner and used his laser and level to determine the extent of the settlement. Tom discovered that the stairs had settled significantly and needed to be replaced and reinforced. Tom measured the stairs and our team ordered a new set of stairs that we would install. 


On the day of the installation, our team arrived with an excavator to remove the old staircase from the front of the home. Once the old stairs were removed, the team installed 2 EZ posts where the front of the stairs will sit to ensure that this set of steps will not settle. After the new stairs were delivered, our team used the excavator to lift them and set them in place under the front door. The EZ posts were connected by a galvanized beam, and the team made sure that the stairs were level with the help of levels. They then built up soil around the staircase. 


The homeowners were thrilled with the results of the project.

Replacing Concrete Steps, Shrewsbury, MA

A homeowner in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts, has a home built in 2000. Over the last five years, the owners have noticed that the concrete stairs at the front of their home have begun to pull away from the attached deck. As both homeowners have had knee and hip replacements, they want to eliminate trip or slip hazards. To get a free inspection of the front steps of their home, the homeowners called EFS.


Our Design Specialist, Jim Meglio, met with the homeowner and inspected the two-step staircase at the front of the home. As Jim arrived at the home and walked up to the steps, he noticed that the front of the steps was sinking. Using his level, Jim confirmed his suspicion that the steps were sinking considerably to the front. To solve this issue for the homeowner, we recommended installing a new staircase with a railing for safety. Jim took measurements of the steps to order the same-sized steps. To stabilize the stairs, our team will install a beam across the front that has two piers supporting it.


Our installation team, led by Neal Foley, began by removing the old stairs. Then our team installed our two EZ posts and our cross beam to make sure the front of the stairs were stabilized. The team then installed two brackets to the concrete porch that the stairs will lead up to. The team made sure the brackets and beams were level before setting the new stairs in place. They placed the stairs in position and made sure they were level before installing the railing. The railing started on the first step of the stairs and led up to the landing of the concrete porch.


Before leaving, the team performed a walkthrough with the homeowners to show them what they had done. The homeowners were very happy with the new staircase and the railing. They now feel confident when using the stairs.

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