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Front Stair Replacement , Nashua, MA
This homeowner in Nashua, New Hampshire was experiencing a unique issue. At the front of the home, they have a set of wooden stairs that lead into the house. The stairs leading...
Severe Cracking All Over the Foundation, Nashua, NH
Elizabeth C. of Nashua, New Hampshire was experiencing severe cracking all over the foundation of her home. The home was built in 1997 and Elizabeth has been the home's only...
Push piers and a new foundation
This early 1900's home had been gradually sinking over the years and was now out of level. Lifting the home would potentially do more harm than good, and so the goal was to...
Addition on Home is Settling, Billerica, MA
This homeowner in Billerica, Massachusetts was experiencing cracks above door frames and windows. The homeowners also noted that the floors felt like they were sagging. The...
Rising Radon Levels
The homeowner tested his home for radon in 2015 and had levels of 4 pCi/L in the basement. As a standard, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has defined 4.0 pCi/L...
Medford, MA Bowing Walls & Settling Beams
Erickson Foundation Supportworks was contacted by a condo association to inspect their complex in Medford, MA. The adjoined condos shared a common basement, the foundation...
Waterproofing and Wall Protection, Lowell, MA
This large property in Lowell, MA is the site of the old Varnum School, which was built in the 1850's. Over the past decade, the building has been renovated and subdivided...
Sagging Floor Repair, Merrimack, NH
This homeowner was looking to purchase a home in Merrimack, NH and had Erickson Foundation Supportworks provide a prepurchase inspection to discover what was wrong with the...
Settling Foundation
This ranch house in Melrose was settling due to unstable soils underneath the home. The customers had been seeing cracks in their walls throughout the house and attached garage,...
Bowing Block Foundation Wall
The foundation under this 30 year old home was comprised of cinder blocks. Expanding soils were putting extreme pressure on one of the walls, gradually bowing it in over time....
Crawlspace Repair - Goffstown, New Hampshire
The owners of this early 20th century home in Goffstown, NH were dealing with settlement and sagging floors. Over the years, the floors and beams gradually got worse, leading...
Supporting a Sinking Pool House
The homeowner had bought this property in September 2016, and wished to transform the pool shed house in the back into an entertainment space. Before beginning the full rehab...
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