Settling Foundations - Identifying the Problem

Tuesday, June 9th, 2015 by Niles Erickson

These past few days our Erickson Foundation Supportworks team successfully stabilized a sinking foundation in Derry, NH. A corner of the home was sinking and had caused the footing in this section to completely separate from the foundation wall by 3-4 inches, and in turn lead to a large crack in the garage wall just above it.

Upon digging down in order to install our push pier system to permanently stabilize the home, we found this section of the home (an addition added 10 years ago) had it's footings installed on old trees and stumps. This is a big no-no!

As a general contractor, Erickson Construction has built hundreds of additions over the years, and we understand the stability of the entire addition or home relies on a solid foundation. Trees, stumps, pieces of wood, are all items which will decompose over time, and so anything  built upon them will sink as this occurs. All trees or stumps should be removed before compacting the soil and installing the footings of the foundation. A general contractor for a home project is responsible for ensuring these steps are taken. 

Settling or sinking may also be caused by underground water systems which simply push soil and material out from under the foundation structure. This may be a slow process which gradually effects a home, or something which happens quickly and needs to be urgently addressed. 

Have a sinking or settling foundation? We can help!

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