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Before and After Pictures from Derry
Retaining Wall Repair, Derry, NH

Retaining Wall Repair, Derry, NH

Before After
Retaining Wall Repair, Derry, NH Retaining Wall Repair, Derry, NH

A retaining wall that was previously removed 25 years ago and had been placed next to the house foundation caused some damage to the house foundation. The retaining wall that was removed was tipping from water damage, no drains had been installed, a not enough rebarb was used when it was installed. The new retaining wall is in very good shape and has had no issues. Over the years the concrete that was used to fix the damage has shrunk leaving a large space between the house foundation and the retaining wall. Erickson Foundation Supportworks sealed the crack with polyurethane foam and a new top leayer of concrete to smooth it out.

Settling Floor in Crawlspace, Derry, NH

Settling Floor in Crawlspace, Derry, NH

Before After
Settling Floor in Crawlspace, Derry, NH Settling Floor in Crawlspace, Derry, NH

These photos are in the crawlspace of a home where the ground was shifting, which resulted in the home sinking 1.5". The before photo shows the old column that needed to be replaced. The after photo views the new SmartJacks that were installed to stabilize the home forever. 

Cracked & Broken Foundation Wall Replacement, Derry, NH

Cracked & Broken Foundation Wall Replacement, Derry, NH

Before After
Cracked & Broken Foundation Wall Replacement, Derry, NH Cracked & Broken Foundation Wall Replacement, Derry, NH

This older foundation on a home in Derry, NH was part stone and part concrete. The stone parts were crumbling and allowing for soil to be pouring into the basement area. The overall stability of the wall was poor, and so Erickson installed an auxillary wall along with some PowerBraces to fully stabilize the wall and clean up the look of the basement.

Foundation Repair & Radon Mitigation Specialists in Derry, NH

Your team, Josh, Cory, Spencer, and Chris have represented the integrity of your company with the highest spirit of knowledge...
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Foundation Repair Specialists in Derry, NH

For over 35 years the professionals at Erickson Foundation Supportworks have been helping both new and veteran homeowners with problems relating to their homes foundation.  Today we still provide the same services we have been doing for over 30 years and have added new ones along the road as well.  Some of our services include wall straightening, bowing wall repair, mud jacking, settlement sinking repair, floor crack repair, and collapsing retaining wall repair among others.

At Erickson Foundation Supportworks, we are a family operated business dedicated to providing top quality general contracting services. Our mission is to build relationships as well as homes, providing all our customers with the same high quality craftsmanship and professionalism, guaranteeing a job done well, on time and on budget. Don’t let foundation troubles stress you out any longer and contact the professionals at Erickson Foundation Supportworks today!

Foundation Repair Services Provided in Derry:

  • Wall Reinforcing Systems
  • Wall Anchor Installation
  • Pier System Services
  • Crawl Space Support Posts
  • EZ Post Installation
  • Window/Door Sticking Repair Services
  • Wall Straightening
  • Bowing Wall Services
  • Tilting Chimney Repair
  • Uneven Floor Repair
  • FREE Estimates

Radon and Indoor Air Quality Services Provided in Derry:

  • Radon Testing and Inspections
  • Radon Mitigation and Abatement
  • Indoor Air Quality Testing

Call or contact Erickson Foundation Supportworks for a FREE estimate in Derry today!

Case Studies From Derry
This homeowner in Derry, NH discovered cracks in her ceiling and floor of her home on Christmas Eve of 2019. After a few days, she noticed her floors...
The owner of this warehouse in Derry, New Hampshire contacted Erickson Foundation Supportworks when it noticed a section of the wall was cracking,...
Job Stories From Derry, NH
Smart Jacks Installation, Derry, NH

This homeowner in Derry, New Hampshire lives on Beaver Lake and has been experiencing unlevel floors and the corner of their porch is sinking. Design Specialist Royce Potts came to the home and walked through the home and the basement to better understand what conditions the house was in. He suggested that they install SmartJacks in the crawlspace of the home to add support and lift it some. 

Crew Lead Scott Crandall and his team came to the home and installed the SmartJacks into the crawlspace. Using the SmartJacks gave the home some interior support and some lift. The homeowners were very happy with the results of the project.

EZ Posts Under Existing Structures

This customer was having a sunroom installed on top of their existing deck. The deck was not built for supporting a structure above, and so additional supports were needed below. There was only about 3.5 feet of space beneath the deck, and so getting underneath to dig and pour new concrete piers would not be an easy task.

EZ Posts were an ideal solution, as the existing deck floor was going to be completely covered by the sunroom. This allowed our Erickson Foundation Supportworks crew to cut small holes into the surface of the deck. Through these holes we were able to install EZ posts with our Bobcat using pier extensions.

A project which would have taken 2-3 crew members one or more days to complete was finished within 4 hours. The EZ Posts were installed at depths ranging from 7 to 9 feet. We removed some concrete pillars in order to install two of our EZ Posts, these concrete pillars being only two feet deep. It was a good decision to replace them!


EZ Posts Under Existing Structures - Photo 1
Settling Foundation

This homeowner in Derry, NH contacted us as she noticed a large crack in her garage wall near a corner. Upon inspection, our design specialist observed there were few signs of settling within the house aside from windows being slightly stuck. However, on the outside of the garage there were significant signs of sinking which would then lead to extensive damage within the home. 

The solution; push piers to raise the sinking corner 3-4 inches and prevent the foundation from sinking any further. 

We excavated the outside of the garage down to the footing of the foundation. We found the general contractor who built the home placed the footings and foundation directly on stumps and trees, which of course is a big mistake. As the trees decomposed, the ground began to sink and took the foundation with it. 

Our push piers were securely fastened to the bottom of the footings on the foundation and driven down 10-12 feet, beneath the sinking soil and into the bedrock below. This will prevent the home from sinking any further. We also slightly lifted the footing up to the bottom of the foundation to reconnect them, however chose to not lift the house too much as there was little damage within the house. Lifting the house too much could possibly have cracked the drywall.

Problem solved and customer satisfied. 

Work Requests From Derry, NH
Project Location: Derry, NH
I own a condo with a concrete floor that is feeling squishy in an area about 1 ft x 4'. The carpeting has been removed and I need to get the floor repaired before I can put down a new floor.
Project Location: Derry, NH
Concrete decking repair around in ground pool.
Project Location: Derry, NH
Stone foundation caving in on right side of the house.
Project Location: Derry, NH
Comment: Service FSI Source Facebook/Instagram
Project Location: Derry, NH
Our Chimney is not stable.
Project Location: Derry, NH
Looking to mitigate radon in an unfinished basement. readings of 17.
Project Location: Derry, NH
In our basement there is a temporary support column, about 2 feet from it is previous location of original column, home buyer wants a permanent one reinstalled, it is open and just needs column fit in. I can send pics or measurements if needed, it is standard 3 in column.
Project Location: Derry, NH
Our chimney is tilted away from the exterior wall. Wondering what can be done to remedy it. Thanks
Project Location: Derry, NH
I have a crack in my foundation that I need repaired.
Project Location: Derry, NH
Apparent skirting at base of visible foundation broken, breaking away
Project Location: Derry, NH
Several cracks and leaking in new construction foundation. Also need a bulkhead installed as original contractor didn't have one put in. Needs to been seen to be believed.
Project Location: Derry, NH
We have significant cracking on the floor and short concrete walls of our one car garage. We would like to understand the severity of the cracks and the cost to fix. Thanks!
Project Location: Derry, NH
Pool deck repair
Project Location: Derry, NH
Back porch need to add a supporting structure to one corner
Project Location: Derry, NH
Front slab and steps have sunk toward the house. Down around 6 inches.
Project Location: Derry, NH
Crack in foundation wall
Project Location: Derry, NH
Sagging floors, appears to be rotting wood beams. We have an older house (1951) with different foundation types ranging from cinder block to old stone wall, and different heights under the house mostly being crawlspace. Would really like professional insight to solutions for this. Thanks !
Project Location: Derry, NH
We have a cinder block foundation wall in our basement that appears to be bowing or shifting.
Project Location: Derry, NH
We need to get a radon mitigation system for the sale of our house. Not sure what info you may need but it is 1768 SQ feet and basement is unfinished, half of it is garage. Radon levels were just over 4 when tested. Thanks!
Project Location: Derry, NH
House built in 1987 garage and basement floors and walls? need to be spruced up for resale. Looking to get estimate on doing this please...have 10 months before we put on market with lots of projects to accomplish. Thank you

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