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Concrete Sidewalk Repair & Leveling Near Bedford, Amherst, Windham

Sinking concrete sidewalk

Sinking concrete sidewalk

If you have a concrete sidewalk that is cracked or uneven, it not only looks bad, but it can lead to a fall or serious injury. The good news is the concrete does not have to be torn out and poured again to fix the problem. Erickson Foundation Solutions can raise your sinking sidewalk and prevent it from sinking further. With PolyLevel® concrete lifting, we can make your sidewalk level again in just 15 minutes!

If you have a sunken walkway or sidewalk, contact us today to request a free estimate for concrete leveling in Bedford, Windham, Amherst or nearby.

Before and After
  • Concrete Walkway Repair, Plainville, MA
    Concrete Walkway Repair, Plainville, MA

    Concrete Walkway Repair, Plainville, MA

  • Library Sidewalk Repair, Nottingham, NH
    Library Sidewalk Repair, Nottingham, NH

    Library Sidewalk Repair, Nottingham, NH

    This sidewalk leading up to the entrance of the Blaisdell Library in Nottingham, NH had some uneven concrete and trip hazards. For families and children, these trip hazards were unsafe. When it came to shoveling snow in the winter, the uneven concrete was a nuisance. 

    Our concrete repair team was successfully able to lift and level the uneven sections of the sidewalk with PolyLevel to help the library create a safe environment for their community. A one day repair that saved the library thousands of dollars compared to replacing the walkway with new concrete.

  • Concrete Stair Replacement, Shrewsbury, MA
    Concrete Stair Replacement, Shrewsbury, MA

    Concrete Stair Replacement, Shrewsbury, MA

    A homeowner in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts, had lived in their home for the past 23 years. Over the last couple of years, they have noticed their front steps were sinking and aren't level anymore. The homeowners have both had knee and hip replacements and want to make sure they can use the stairs safely. They called EFS for a free inspection of their home. Our Design Specialist met with the homeowners and inspected the steps. He confirmed that the stairs were sinking and way out of level. We recommended installing a new set of stairs and a railing to allow the homeowners to use the steps safely. 

  • Front Stairs Settlement, Gardner, MA
    Front Stairs Settlement, Gardner, MA

    Front Stairs Settlement, Gardner, MA

    A homeowner in Gardner, Massachusetts, has a concrete set of stairs at the front of their home that were settling. The homeowners can feel and see the slope in the stairs and want to find a solution before someone gets hurt. The homeowners called EFS and our Design Specialist met with the homeowner and recommended installing a new set of stairs after a full inspection of the old staircase. 

    Our installation team ordered a new set of stairs and had them delivered to the homeowners' house so we could install them. 

  • Concrete Walkway Repair, Somerset, MA
    Concrete Walkway Repair, Somerset, MA

    Concrete Walkway Repair, Somerset, MA

    This homeowner in Somerset, MA was very concerned about the condition of the concrete walkway at the front of her home. The concrete slabs were cracked in various sections, leaning and sloping unevenly, and overall were unsightly and a tripping hazard. This before and after photo set shows the drastic change and the effectiveness of our concrete repair methods. Products installed included PolyLevel, a polymer foam injected beneath the concrete slabs, and NexusPro, a silicone based caulking which sealed all the joints and cracks.

  • Old Slab Repair, Concord, MA
    Old Slab Repair, Concord, MA

    Old Slab Repair, Concord, MA

    The concrete apron leading to a raised garage floor was cracked at the mid point and sunk about 2-3in on one side. The slab is 8 feet long and 18 ft wide with a slope up of 1ft from the gravel drive to the wooden garage floor. The slab is cracked and sunken on the left half, which has been undermined by poor drainage from the adjoining barn. 

Why concrete walkways sink and crack

Walkways and sidewalks are exposed to a lot of wear and tear. When the soil supporting the concrete becomes weak, the concrete can crack and sink. There are many things that can create a void beneath the slab, such as erosion from rainwater or gutter runoff, or a tree root that has rotted over time. Dirt fill underneath the slab that has not been well compacted can also create voids beneath the concrete. Regardless of what’s caused your sidewalk to sink, we can fix it!

Before and after: Concrete sidewalk leveling

Sinking sidewalkSunken sidewalk raised with PolyLevel®

Look familiar? The sidewalk in front of this home settled a couple inches, creating a trip hazard and an area for water to pool. After raising the slab with PolyLevel®, we were able to turn the sunken sidewalk into a safe, level surface.

Restoring the walkway with concrete leveling

Some areas require home and business owners to maintain the sidewalks adjoining their property. If someone trips and falls on the sidewalk in front of your home, you might be liable. It’s important to check your town or city’s sidewalk regulations.

Concrete lifting with PolyLevel® is a practical, affordable solution for concrete sidewalk repair. In addition to taking less time and costing you less, concrete leveling is far less disruptive to the landscaping. If the concrete is ripped out and repoured, the grass can be damaged from the heavy equipment and the removal of the old slab. With PolyLevel® injection lifting, there's almost no waiting for the concrete to cure before you can walk on it. With concrete replacement, it usually takes about a day for the concrete to cure.

Contact the concrete repair specialists at Erickson Foundation Solutions today to get a free estimate to raise your sunken sidewalk. We offer concrete lifting and leveling services in Bedford, Windham, Amherst, Manchester, Nashua, Hollis, Cambridge, Litchfield, Bow, Stratham and nearby.

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