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Concrete Walkway Repair, Plainville, MA

Concrete Walkway Repair, Plainville, MA

Before After
Concrete Walkway Repair, Plainville, MA Concrete Walkway Repair, Plainville, MA

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Foundation Repair & Radon Mitigation Contractor in Norfolk County, MA

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Responsible basement waterproofing, foundation repair, radon mitigation company serving Norfolk County, Massachusetts

We not only adhere to the highest industry standards, we strive to be the industry leader in the home improvement related services we provide. We also use state-of-the-art products and technology which are designed to fix your home. We are the authorized Basement Systems dealer in Norfolk County, MA.

Services we offer in Norfolk County:

  • Radon Gas Testing.
  • Radon Mitigation.
  • Wet/flooded basement waterproofing solutions.
  • Lifetime warranty on all perimeter waterproofing systems.
  • Foundation and structural repair solutions.
  • 25-year warranty against manufacturing defects on foundation products.
  • Crawl space sealing with CleanSpace vapor barrier.
  • 25-year warranty on crawl space encapsulation systems.
  • Financing Available
  • FREE written estimates and inspections, and fast installation
Job Stories From Norfolk County, MA
PolyLEVEL on Business Walkway

Brian M. owns a building in Stoughton, Massachusetts and he would like to have the staircase and handicap ramp looked at. The walkway has needed to be repaired since he purchased the building 5 years ago, now he has noticed it getting worse and wanted it repaired. He called Erickson Foundation Solutions to see if they could send someone out to look at the walkway. Design Specialist, Jason Love came out to the business to inspect the walkway. Jason noted that there are some cracks and blemishes on the concrete, and most of the slabs are out of level. Jason proposed the use of PolyLEVEL and Crack Seal to repair the walkway.

Crew Lead Nick Melo and his team came to the business and sealed all of the cracks and releveled all of the slabs to reduce any tripping hazards. 

Brian was very happy with the results of the project because no he doesn't have to worry about customers or employees tripping over any cracks or uneven concrete anymore. 

Deteriorating Garage Floor, Medfield, MA

Cindy of Medfield, Massachusetts would sweep her garage floor every so often to get the dirt and dust out of her garage. She found whenever she would sweep the garage, bits, and pieces of the would chip off of the floor. She would like to find a repair for this. Cindy, after some research, decided to call Erickson Foundation Solutions. She explained her situation to the call center, who was able to set an appointment for Design Specialist Jason Love to come to the home and inspect her situation. 

When Jason Love arrived at her home he inspected the entire garage and even the area outside the garage to get a full grasp of the situation. He talked her through his whole process. When he finished his inspection he talked her through her repair options. He proposed the use of PolyLevel to fill the small void, then to use our 4 part concrete resurface to give the concrete a brand new look.

Two Erickson teams came to Cindy's home to repair her garage floor. The first team was our PolyLevel team lead by Nick Melo, and the second team was our Resurface team lead by Cody Gosselin. The PolyLevel team came and injected poly underneath the garage floor to fill the void. The Resurface team came to install our Resurface pro system onto the garage floor. 

Cindy was very happy that the garage wont chip away when she sweeps anymore.  

Push Piers Installation, Needham, MA

This homeowner in Needham, Massachusetts was told by a contractor that her home cant supports a two-car garage. The homeowner decided to call Erickson Foundation Solutions for a free inspection. 

Design Specialist Jason Love arrived at the home and inspected the home and found that the home was settling. Jason recommended that the homeowners have Push Piers installed to stabilize their home. After the Push Piers are installed, the home will be able to withstand the weight of a new addition.

Crew Lead Ed Nadreau and his team arrived at the home and excavated dirt from the side of the home to expose the footing. The team then installed 5 Push Piers to the side of the home. 

Push Piers Installation, Needham, MA - Photo 1Push Piers Installation, Needham, MA - Photo 2
Water Freezes in Garage During the Winter, Canterbury, NH

This homeowner in Canterbury, New Hampshire was experiencing water coming into their garage and freezing. The freezing water causes a slip hazard that has already hurt one of the homeowner's knees. The other homeowner just had a hip replaced and they would like to eliminate the slip hazard. They decided to call EFS for a free inspection. 

Design Specialist Michael LaMalfa inspected the garage. Michael found that there was some cracking on the garage floor that was allowing water to come through. In the winter when the water would come through the water would also freeze causing the slip hazard. Michael recommended using PolyLevel as a void fill and a moisture barrier to prevent water from coming up from beneath the concrete. Michael also recommended using NexusPro to seal the cracks. 

Crew Leads Nick Melo and his team first started by drilling portholes in the garage in a grid pattern. They will inject PolyLevel into these portholes to methodically fill the void and lift the slab to the desired height. After the PolyLevel is injected, the team seals the portholes and the cracks. 

Garage Floor is Cracked, Medfield, MA

A homeowner in Medfield, Massachusetts was experiencing some cracking in their garage. They had talked to their neighbors who had a similar problem and they recommended a company that fixed their garage floor. The company was Erickson Foundation Solutions. The homeowners called EFS for a free inspection.  The garage was inspected by a Design Specialist. The Design Specialist recommended installing PolyLevel and NexusPro. 

The PolyLevel crew from EFS injected PolyLevel under the garage floor to lift the concrete. Then after the PolyLevel is installed the team seals all of the cracks in the garage using NexusPro. 

Garage Floor is Cracked, Medfield, MA - Photo 1
Garage Concrete Patch, Medfield, MA

A homeowner in Medfield, Massachusetts, recently had EFS lift a sunken section of their garage. They wanted to have new concrete poured over the section that had been lifted. The homeowner decided to call EFS for a free inspection. 

Our design specialist inspected the garage and recommended pouring concrete over the area that was recently lifted. 

A crew from EFS poured concrete over the lifted section of the garage. 

Radon Mitigation on Two Unit Condo, Brookline, MA

An owner of a condo in Brookline, Massachusetts, had concerns about radon in their home. They have lived in their condo for a year and just got it tested. The test results came back at 6.0 pCi/L. Our design specialist recommended installing a radon mitigation system in the home. 

Our production team installed a radon mitigation system into the home. 

The radon system reduced the levels in the home down to safe levels. 

Basement Slab Relevel, Wellesley Hills, MA

This homeowner in Wellesley Hills, Massachusetts, had a bad experience with another contractor. The contractor had left their garage/basement floor uneven and out of level.  

Our design specialist recommended to the homeowners that they would benefit have EFS using PolyLevel to level the basement/garage floor and then resurface the concrete slab giving it a nice smooth finish. 

Our production team, led by Nick Melo and Tyler Oslizlo, injected the PolyLevel and resurfaced the slab. 

Cracking and Sinking Garage, Wellesley, MA

A homeowner in Wellesley, Massachusetts, had a large crack and a sunken area on their garage slab. The homeowner moved into the home about a year ago. When they moved into the home, the garage already had cracks in the slab. The homeowner considered this their forever home and wanted to repair the concrete before it got any worse. A design specialist from EFS examined the garage and recommended installing PolyLevel and NexusPro. 

Our production team installed PolyLevel to lift the sunken section of the slab and then sealed the cracks with 19ft of NexusPro. 

Settlement in Garage, Needham, MA

A homeowner in Needham, Massachusetts, had some cracks in their garage. The homeowner planned to stay in the home for the next 10-20 years. They also planned to install a piano above the garage and would like some advice to know if they should upgrade their supports in the garage. Our design specialist Kenny examined the garage and found that the floor has settled, and that has caused cracks in the slab. The homeowner asked Kenny's opinion on adding support in the garage for their piano. Kenny recommended replacing the current supports in the garage with SmartJacks and injecting PolyLevel under the garage slab. 

Our production team led by Steve began repairs on the garage. First, they began installing the SmartJacks in the garage to strengthen the floor above. The team chipped out a section of concrete to install the base of the support. To ensure the base doesn't sink or shift under the concrete we use engineered fill and concrete to make a solid base for the new supports to rest on. Finally, the SmartJacks were secured to the beam above, and the bases were casted in concrete to keep the SmartJack in place. Next, the team installed the PolyLevel under the slab to eliminate the settlement. The team used short bursts of Poly in a grid pattern around the entire slab to fill any void. Once all the void is filled, the team seals all of the ports and used NexusPro to seal the cracks in the slab. 

The team eliminated the settlement in the garage floor, sealed the cracks, and strengthened the floor above for their new piano. 

Settlement in Garage, Needham, MA - Photo 1
Radon Reduction and Basement Sump Pump Installation, Wellesley Hills, MA

A homeowner in Wellesley Hills, Massachusetts, had radon levels in their home at 5.2 pCi/L and water leaking into their mostly finished basement. The homeowner wanted to have the radon levels reduced and a sump pump installed in the basement to prevent flooding. Our design specialist recommended installing a radon mitigation system with a moisture guard, and a SuperSump with an IceGuard.

Our production team began by installing the radon mitigation system. The team firsts chipped out a small section of the basement slab to create the radon extraction point. Next, the team used PVC piping to direct the radon from underneath the home into the radon fan. The radon fan was installed on the exterior of the home and the PVC piping was vented over the roof of the home. After the radon system was installed, the team began to prepare to install the SuperSump. They started by chipping out the concrete so the SuperSump basin could rest beneath the rest of the concrete. The team chipped out the concrete to a slightly bigger size than the SuperSump basin. After the concrete was chipped out the team hand-dug dirt down until the basin would be level with the concrete. Next, the team installed the SuperSump into the basin and pumped it to the exterior of the home. Once the plumbing gets to the outside of the home, the team installed the IceGuard onto the exterior drain and ran the drain away from the home. After the plumbing and IceGuard were installed the team poured concrete around the SuperSump to lock it in place and leave a nice finish. 

The homeowners are happy that they no longer have to worry about radon or water flooding in their basement. 

Cracking and Sinking Garage Slab, Stoughton, MA

A homeowner in Stoughton, Massachusetts, had built their home 26 years ago. A couple of years ago they noticed the cracking and sinking of their garage floor. They wanted to address the problem before it could cause a bigger problem. The homeowners decided to call EFS for a free inspection of their garage. Our Design Specialist Keith inspected the garage and recommended installing PolyLevel and NexusPro on the right side of the garage to repair the sinking and cracking section of the garage slab. 

Our installation team began by cleaning out the crack in the concrete and creating small holes so we could inject PolyLevel beneath the slab. Our team drilled the holes in the slab into a grid pattern so we could lift the slab without cracking the slab. Once the portholes were drilled the team then started injecting PolyLevel under the slab to lift it back to level. The team used a grinder and blade to slightly widen the crack so we could seal it with NexusPro after we lifted the slab. Once the crack was cleaned and widened the team then began installing the NexusPro into the crack to seal it. 

The homeowners were very pleased with the results of the project. They were in aw when they saw home much the concrete was lifted. 

Helical Piers for New Foundation, Walpole, MA

In 2017, the owners of this home in Walpole, MA were undergoing a large renovation. The foundation beneath their home was 100 years old and did not allow for a full basement. They decided to pour a new foundation and move the structure 50 feet, but on the same lot. The construction company they hired to pour the new foundation and complete the moving of the house were making great progress, until the water table decided to show itself. 

After the new foundation was poured and the contractor began preparing to add framing to the basement level floors, the concrete walls and footings of the foundation began to settle. Water began to seep up, and the foundation appeared to be floating in some places. However, our Erickson team had the ideal solution to prevent the home from settling. 

Before our crews could attempt to install any helical piers beneath the footings, the high water had to be removed. Large pumps were brought in to continuously pump the water away from the footings just long enough for our team to secure the brackets and piers to the footings. To guarantee no settlement could possibly occur in the future, our team proposed and installed helical piles along the entire perimeter of the foundation walls. 

Once the job was completed, the contractor was able to resume their framing aspect of the project and continue to move the home for the family.

Helical Piers for New Foundation, Walpole, MA - Photo 1Helical Piers for New Foundation, Walpole, MA - Photo 2Helical Piers for New Foundation, Walpole, MA - Photo 3Helical Piers for New Foundation, Walpole, MA - Photo 4
Uneven Concrete Patio, Canton, MA

William W. of Canton, MA was concerned with a tripping hazard which have gradually developed over the years on his stamped concrete patio. The expansion joints on the patio were not sealed, which allowed rain water to flow directly beneath the slab and slowly erode away the soil over the years. Eventually, the concrete settled near one of the joints, and the tripping hazard became a nuisance and eye sore for William. 

Making a decision to fix the problem before it got worse, he reached out to our team at Erickson to determine if PolyLevel would be the correct solution to his problem. Our specialist, Keith Soper, met with William at his home for a free consultation, drew up a free proposal on what it would take to fix the settlement concern, and together they scheduled the job to be completed. 

Led by Tyler O. on Erickson's concrete repair team, the crew met with William on the day of installation, pinpointed exactly where they needed to inject the polymer foam, and got to work. The repairs were completed within hours, and the PolyLevel itself was cured and stable within minutes. Filling the void beneath the concrete and lifting the settled section of patio was successfully achieved, the homeowner was thrilled to have his patio back in safe condition. 

Uneven Concrete Patio, Canton, MA - Photo 1Uneven Concrete Patio, Canton, MA - Photo 2Uneven Concrete Patio, Canton, MA - Photo 3
Garage Slab Settlement, Randolph, MA

This home in Randolph, MA was built in the 1950's. The current homeowner has lived here since 1985, and over the last 7 years noticed the concrete slabs of the garage floor had started to shift and settle more and more. The soil beneath the garage was eroding away and leaving voids, which was leading to the settlement in the concrete and garage structure itself. The owner realized the problem was only getting worse each year and so decided to seek out a contractor to help. 

The owner received an estimate from Ram Jack to partially fix the problem, however he was more interested in the permanent solution our Erickson team designed and proposed with PolyLevel.

Our crew began by using slab jacks to help partially lift a section of sunken concrete slab in the garage. Once it was up, PolyLevel foam was injected into the void beneath to lift it up the rest of the way. With the void filled and the concrete stabilized, the slab was even with the other sections adjoining it. Other sections were also lifted or stabilized, and the concrete was protected against future settlement concerns. The homeowner was pleased with the results and able to drive his automobiles back into the garage space within minutes of installation. With no concrete demolition involved, the process was quick, clean, and efficient. 

Garage Slab Settlement, Randolph, MA - Photo 1Garage Slab Settlement, Randolph, MA - Photo 2Garage Slab Settlement, Randolph, MA - Photo 3Garage Slab Settlement, Randolph, MA - Photo 4
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