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This professional team of experts definitely delivered!! Would HIGHLY recommend!
Testimonial by Stephanie D. from Merrimack, NH
Very friendly, worked very well with our schedule and time frame.
Testimonial by Gregory F. from Merrimack, NH
Very helpful staff, particularly during the early planning phase.
Testimonial by Roland S. from Merrimack, NH
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Radon Mitigation
Radon Testing
Radon Detection
Radon Abatement
Radon Mitigation System

Foundation Repair Services & Products
Push Pier Underpinning For Settlement, Foundation Leveling, Sinking Foundation Repair
Geo-lock Wall Anchors
Geo-lock Helical Anchors
PowerBrace Bowed Wall Repair
CarbonArmor Fiber Wall Repair
SmartJack Crawl Space Support
Slab Pier Repair
PolyLevel Concrete Lifting
EZ Post Deck Repair
Shotcrete Wall Restoration

Before and After Pictures from Merrimack
SmartJacks, Merrimack, NH

SmartJacks, Merrimack, NH

Before After
SmartJacks, Merrimack, NH SmartJacks, Merrimack, NH

This before shows the columns that use to support the main beam of the home and the after shows the newly installed SmartJack system. The SmartJack system has a 2' by 2' hole filled under it with engineered fill to keep the ground from shifting around the SmartJacks.

Radon System, Merrimack, NH

Radon System, Merrimack, NH

Before After
Radon System, Merrimack, NH Radon System, Merrimack, NH

This homeowner in Merrimack, New Hampshire had a radon test come back with levels at 9 pCi/l. They called Erickson Foundation Supportworks for someone to come to their home. Design Specialist Paul Magowan came to the home and inspected possible places to install the system. Paul would then design a radon system specifically for that home. After the design is made by Paul, he passed the design over to the Crew Lead Scott Crandall. Scott Crandall and his team would go to the house and install the custom radon mitigation system.

Foundation Crack, Merrimack, NH

Foundation Crack, Merrimack, NH

Before After
Foundation Crack, Merrimack, NH Foundation Crack, Merrimack, NH

This homeowner in Merrimack, NH had a crack in their foundation that was allowing water to enter the basement. Design Specialist David Cormier proposed that the homeowners seal the cracks in their basement to prevent more water from coming into the basement. Crew Lead Scott Crandall and his team were able to seal the crack and will prevent further leaks in the future.

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Erickson Foundation Supportworks has been the trusted, local professionals to call in Merrimack, NH, for foundation repairs, concrete repair, and radon mitigation. Our in-house team of expert engineers know how to properly determine and repair the structural issues you are going through. We provide a 25-year written warranty for all of our foundation products. With the professionals at Erickson Foundation Supportworks, you can feel safe knowing that your repairs are in good hands.

Foundation Repair Contractor Merrimack, NH

No one wants to have to go through structural and foundation repairs, but there are times where you shouldn’t wait any longer and call the trusted local professionals Erickson Foundation Supportworks, to get your job done the right way. Our products are designed and tested by Supportworks, Inc.; an international network of more than 100 skilled structural repair contractors. We are the areas only company equipped to fix your repairs with these products. Some of the repairs we take on are:

  • Bowing Walls
  • Sagging Floors
  • Stair-Step Cracks
  • Tilting Chimneys
  • Foundation Cracks
  • Garage Slabs

Merrimack, NH Local Concrete Repair Expert

Sunken and cracked concrete around your home is not only an eyesore, but is also a safety hazard. As time goes by, if the problem isn’t corrected, it will only get worse. However, you have no reason to fret when you have the professionals at Erickson Foundation Supportworks doing the work. Our experts use PolyLevel, a strong, and durable foam material to lift your concrete slabs back into place. We drill small holes into the slab where the foam is injected and expands, raising the concrete into place. Many other contractors will use a technique called mudjacking, but our method doesn’t disturb the area, takes less drying time, and is more affordable.

After repairing your concrete, consider a durable concrete sealant that extends the life of your slabs by 3 to 5 times overall in just one quick application. Our SealantPro concrete sealant bonds with concrete on a molecular level to protect slabs against oil, gasoline, water, debris, and more. Whether you have new slabs or existing slabs, SealantPro will work for you! We also offer ResurfacePro™ Concrete Resurfacing for your concrete repair needs. If your concrete is cracked and unsightly, our affordable and reliable system poses the perfect solution. ResurfacePro™ utilizes polymer cement to cover cracks, leaving your concrete durable and beautiful. 

Get in contact with us today and get your FREE concrete leveling and concrete sealing estimate!

Radon Gas Mitigation Systems

Radon gas is colorless, odorless, and as cancer-causing as tobacco and asbestos. Radon gas is produced from the decaying of rocks and soil and comes up from the ground into your crawlspace and basements. The way our radon mitigation systems works in a pipe collects the gases that are coming from the soil. The gas is then piped upwards where a depressurization vent forces the radon out from your home. Our radon mitigation system is completely compatible with the current waterproofing system in your home. Get in contact with us now to learn how to protect your loved ones from the harmful effects of radon gas.

Case Studies From Merrimack
This homeowner was looking to purchase a home in Merrimack, NH and had Erickson Foundation Supportworks provide a prepurchase inspection to discover...
Job Stories From Merrimack, NH
Crack in Garage Foundation, Merrimack, NH

This homeowner in Merrimack, New Hampshire has noticed that past couple of years that a crack in their garage has gotten progressively worse. They want to stay ahead of any issues that arise. Design Specialist Paul Magowan came to the home and proposed a solution to the crack in the garage. Crew Lead Scott Crandall and his team came to the home and sealed the crack.

Crack in Garage Foundation, Merrimack, NH - Photo 1
Home Buyer Needs Crawlspace Fix, Merrimack, NH

Tim H. of Merrimack, NH was looking into purchasing a home, and after taking a look in the crawlspace himself, decided he wished to have a professional take a look to determine any major concerns. He contacted Erickson Foundation Supportworks, and confirmed he was satisfied with the pre-purchase fee involved for home buyers. This was a home he was very interested in buying, and so the investment in the inspection was worth it. In the end, he did purchase the home, and so the pre-purchase fee was credited back to him.

Upon inspection, Erickson's System Design Specialist, Brian Allen, saw it was immediately evident there was settlement action throughout the crawlspace. The home was built in 1986, and over the years the space must have fluctuated between being high in moisture and very dry. The floor had settled any where from 2 feet to just a few inches, and so was very uneven and unstable. The lally columns supporting the main beams and floor joists were no longer stable, some having settled several inches along with the soils.  Temporary wood shims had been added to the beams over the years, and a more permanent fix was desperately needed. 

The repair system Brian designed required 11 Smart Jacks to support the beams, as well as PolyLevel to raise the garage slab, and several Push Piers to stabilize and potentionally lift a corner of the homes concrete foundation. As Tim was purchasing the home, he had to decide to focus on the major repairs for the time being, and then address other concerns down the road. The SmartJacks were needed to correct the sloping floors and uneven doors above, and so these were installed immediately. 

The only access point to the crawlspace was a 2' x 2' hole in the floor of a closet on the first floor. Therefore, the crews were required to carry all tools, SmartJacks, and stone material through the house. Each item had to be carefully lowered down into the space, and then carried again to the needed locations. It was an incredible team effort, and although tiring, was a very rewarding project for the crew, as they knew the new home owner was going to have a stable home.

After installation of the SmartJacks, the floors were in good shape, and Tim H. had peace of mind that the property he just purchased was safe and stable. 


Home Buyer Needs Crawlspace Fix, Merrimack, NH - Photo 1Home Buyer Needs Crawlspace Fix, Merrimack, NH - Photo 2Home Buyer Needs Crawlspace Fix, Merrimack, NH - Photo 3Home Buyer Needs Crawlspace Fix, Merrimack, NH - Photo 4Home Buyer Needs Crawlspace Fix, Merrimack, NH - Photo 5Home Buyer Needs Crawlspace Fix, Merrimack, NH - Photo 6
Work Requests From Merrimack, NH
Vicinity of Springfield Circle in Merrimack
We would like to get another estimate and need to get garage lifted soon.
Vicinity of Joppa Rd in Merrimack
Have radon in basement level. Have sump pump and septic holding tank in basement floor that may be an issue as we will need access to both.
Vicinity of Bradford Drive in Merrimack
We have a driveway that's needs repairs
Vicinity of Brek Drive in Merrimack
I am interested in a quote to resurface my front outdoor porch cement pad. It has a corner that would need repairs too. Size is approx 4 x 32.
Vicinity of Crestview Circle in Merrimack
I have relatively small cracks on my garage floor entrance. I recently had my driveway fixed which hopefully corrected the drainage issue I believe created the issues and now what to make sure to stop the cracks from getting worse.
Vicinity of Back River Road in Merrimack
The walkout knee wall in the back of the house is sinking and bowing outward.
Vicinity of Davis Rd in Merrimack
Drive way is developing a sink hole, also have a pool deck that also has blocks that are uneven.
Vicinity of Autumn Lane in Merrimack
We are looking for an estimate to fix our garage floor. It has cracks in several places, and in some areas appears to be heaving. Thank you!
Vicinity of DW Highway in Merrimack
We currently need repair on our walkway
Vicinity of Fernwood in Merrimack
Pool deck slab cracks and uneven settling.
Vicinity of Pearson Rd in Merrimack
We have a concrete pad for a hot tub that's sinking. Wondering if it's worth it to try to level it or just tear it out.
Vicinity of Bristol St in Merrimack
Home addition settling. needs leveling
Vicinity of Sycamore Lane in Merrimack
I am having my pool replastered and would like to see how much it would cost to repair the cracks in my pool deck.
Vicinity of Boboosic Lake Road in Merrimack
Shifting foundation on garage connected to the house
Vicinity of in Merrimack
Interested in the radon test level of our home
Vicinity of Beebe Ln in Merrimack
Settlement of foundation. Thinking possibly permeation grouting beneath foundation.
Vicinity of Wire Rd in Merrimack
Pool deck is cracking and lifted in areas
Vicinity of Newton St in Merrimack
Prefab stairs coming away from house and chipped. Driveway needs crack fill and reseal
Vicinity of Lamson Dr in Merrimack
We live in a split level home with a one car garage under the house. We have ongoing issues with water pooling in the middle of the garage floor. We want to make the garage an addition to the home but in order to do that we need to resolve the water issue. I am not sure if the garage was ever properly sealed when it was originally poured. I would love someone to take a look at it and let us know what our options are and if this is a costly renovation so we know what to prepare for.
Vicinity of Berkley St in Merrimack
Crack in basement crawl space

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